Free Tropical Delight Crochet Pattern

Free Tropical Delight Crochet Pattern

Here’s my county fair afghan entry, slowly, slooooowly coming along. I think this will be the fourth or fifth year I’ve been working on it, a little at a time. I wrote about this a little bit before (here if you want to read about it), and while I’m still plugging away at it, it seems that sometime between when I started this and now that the pattern has gone out of print.

I got a request a few days back if I could share the pattern since it’s not readily available. Mindful of copyright laws, I did my best to search on Amazon, eBay, and elsewhere on the internet to see if I could find a legal copy to direct the searcher to, but I found nothing. Finally, I decided to call Herrschener’s directly to see if they had back copies in stock or anything like that.

Free Tropical Delight Crochet Pattern

I talked with them for a bit, and when they confirmed that the pattern was out of print and that they couldn’t direct me to another place I could purchase it from, I asked them if it would be all right to share the pattern. I was told that yes, I could share the pattern as long as I was not making any profit off of it. So, I am happy to share with everyone this free Tropical Delight crochet pattern.

Free Tropical Delight Crochet Pattern

This is one of the most beautiful squares I’ve ever crocheted, and the assembled afghan is even more spectacular. I found it originally in Herrschener’s More Blue Ribbon Afghans – it was the first pattern in the book and it caught my eye instantly. To make a pdf file, I took photos of the copy in my book and compiled them together to download. The pages are not perfect – there are coffee and paint stains, but the pattern is clear and legible.  See note below. 

Free Tropical Delight Crochet Pattern

Again, I want to reiterate that this is not my pattern, and I was given permission to share it for free.

Update Feb 16, 2015.  Download file has been temporarily removed in order to convert it from photocopy to text, so as to avoid publisher copyright.  I apologize for any inconvenience.  The pattern should be back online soon. 

Update Feb 26, 2015: Pattern is back – still the pattern, but not photocopies of the book.  The pattern was originally published through Herrschner’s before it was included in the Blue Ribbon book I own.  Hopefully this clears any concerns!

Tropical Delight Crochet Pattern

^^^ click here for printable pdf ^^^

Edit 3/9: If you’re looking for a photo tutorial of the stitches,  you can find them here

Edit 3/31:  I can’t post photos of their illustrations for the Figures, but I will describe them the best I can here below:

Figure 1 shows the chain-4 worked just underneath the next two loops of the stitch, instead of into the two loops of the stitch.

Figure 2 and Figure 3 shows the stitch being worked into the space that is created by the first sc (so basically, all popcorn stitches are worked into the one sc) for the former. For the latter, they’re worked into the bottom of the trc instead of the sc – so, the first wrap of the trc from the bottom. In both cases, they’re not worked into the foundation, but a tiny bit up from that, on the bottom space of whatever stitch is called for.

Figure 4: after you’ve made the 1 trc and 2 dc into the stitch specified, you’ll take the hook off of the yarn and insert it into the front and back loops of the trc. Pull up the yarn, put your hook back in, and then pull the yarn from the end of the second dc through. You’ll have a 3-stitch puff that comes is slightly pointed at the end.
sh-pc-B is essentially the same, with the hook removed and put into the trc, and then finishing the stitch.
sh-pc-C is the same, worked into the beginning triple crochet.

Figure 5 shows the center stitch in the petal. It says: “Work in front of petal in the same dc as two previous rounds. Insert hook behind st, come to front in the center of st. Yo, pull through lp on hook, sl st made. Insert hook back through center of st again. Come to front, left of st. Yo, pull through lp on hook. Sl st made.”
The picture is of the center petal, with a slip stitch in the center and an sc on top of that. On either side (one on the left, one on the right), there is a slip stitch.
So what you’re doing here is making the base in between each white outer petal, where it connects to the round 4 of petals below. You make two slip stitches in the stitch of the center petal stitch of round 4, behind the round 5 slip stitch outline. The two slip stitches make the end of one petal and the beginning of the next, both in the same stitch.

Figure 6 is simply an invisible join, which can be found on youtube and a good deal of crochet sites.

Let me know if you have any problems accessing it, and I’ll do my best to help out.  Enjoy!
~Mellie ★



Free Pattern Crochet Apple Dishcloth

Free Apple Crochet Pattern

As promised:  my free pattern Crochet Apples!  After all the apple picking, apple baking, and apple eating, I was inspired to make up a dishcloth to go along with it.  That led to the idea that I also needed a hotpad as well.  And then my kids noticed that I was crocheting up all these apples, and so they asked me to make one for each of them.  The end result?  Lots of crochet apples!  And so it only made sense to write the pattern down and send a copy to my friend to see if she wanted to make some crochet apples too.  And since the pattern was written down, why not share it with everyone?  And so here you are, a free pattern crochet apple dishcloth, which can also be made into a hotpad.  Or, if you like, just the apples, which can be used as an applique.

Free Apple Crochet Pattern

Now when it comes to patterns, I find myself sometimes on a blog that only lists the directions on the webpage when I desperately need it as a pdf, for whatever reason.  And on the flip side, there are some times when I’m just browsing the internet and come upon a pattern that I just want to look over without downloading.  So I decided that I would offer this here both as a pdf download and with directions listed below.  You can use either or both.  To download the PDF pattern, click right here below here in the grey box, or continue scrolling down for the pattern written out here on the blog. 

CLICK HERE FOR PDF DOWNLOAD: Free Crochet Apples Dishcloth / Hotpad Pattern

Free Apple Crochet Pattern





Pattern by Mellie Blossom

Free Apple Crochet Pattern


Hook size: 5.00mm (H)

Yarn: Cotton worsted (such as Lily’s Sugar n’ Cream, Bernat’s Handicrafter, KnitPicks’ Dishie)


Finished Size:

Apples alone are approximately 6” by 4 ½”

Dishcloths and Hotpads are approximately 8” square

Size may vary slightly due to individual crochet tension styles.


Color A – White, or another color for the background of the dishcloth or hotpad

Color B – Red, lime, or another color for the apple

Color C – Brown, or another color for the stem

Color D – Green, or another color for the leaf


Free Apple Crochet Pattern


For the Background:  

For dishcloth, make 1. For hotpad, make 2

With Color A, chain 28.

Row 1: Skip first 2 stitches from hook and hdc across (26 hdc and 1 turning chain)

Row 2: Ch 2 and turn. BLO hdc in first (turning) stitch and all across (26 hdc)

Repeat [Row 2] 12 more times for a total of 14 rows altogether, or until you have a 6 to 6 ½” square.

Inner Border: With same color, chain 1 and sc around the sides of the square. There should be 24 stitches along each sides to the corner and then 3 sc in each corner stitch. The side row ends will not align perfectly with stitches, just manage them in there as evenly as you can. For every two row endings, try alternating 3 and 4 stitches up the sides. Finish off (104 stitches)

Finish off yarn, weave in ends.

Free Apple Crochet Pattern


For the Apple:

With Color B, chain 3 (counts as first dc)

Round 1: In third stitch from hook, dc 9. Connect to top of beginning chain to make 10 stitches (10 stitches)

Round 2: chain 3 (counts as first stitch). Dc in the same stitch, and 2 dc in each st around (20 stitches)

Round 3: chain 3 (counts as first stitch). [2 dc in the next stitch, 1 dc in the next] around (30 stitches)

Round 4: * this row shapes the apple – follow carefully.

As follows in the first 15 stitches:

Chain 1, sc in the same stitch.

hdc, dc, 2 dc, dc, dc, 2hdc, hdc, hdc, sc, sc, 2 hdc, dc, 2 dc, [dc, hdc].

Slip stitch into the next stitch. You should be at the bottom of your round. For the other side, work the other half in reverse as follows:

[hdc, dc], 2 dc, dc, 2 hdc, sc, sc, hdc, hdc, 2hdc, dc, dc, 2 dc, dc, hdc,

Connect to first sc with a slip stich. (40 stitches)

Free Apple Crochet Pattern
Round 4 completed

Round 5:

As follows in the first 15 stitches:

Chain 1, sc in sc

[hdc, dc], 2 dc, 2 dc, dc, dc, 2 hdc, sc in next 8, 2 hdc, dc, 2 dc, dc, [dc, hdc]

Slip stitch into the next stitch. You should be at the bottom of your round. For the other side, work the other half in reverse as follows:

[hdc, dc], dc, 2 dc, dc, 2 hdc, sc in next 8, 2 hdc, dc, dc, 2 dc, 2 dc, [dc, hdc]

connect to first sc with a slip stich. (54 stitches)


Round 6: sl st around (54 stitches)

Finish off yarn, weave in ends.

Free Apple Crochet Pattern
Round 5, completed


For the Stem:

With Color C, chain 5.

Row 1: In second stitch, sc in each across. Finish off yarn, leaving a long tail. (4 stitches)


For the Leaf:

With Color D, chain 6

Round 1: in second chain, make an sc. In next chain, make a hdc. In next two chains, make 2 dc in each. In last chain, make 3 sc.

Now you will work up the opposite side of the chain without turning.

In next two chains, make 2 dc in each. In next chain, make a hdc. In next chain, make a sc. Chain 2, then sl st to beginning stich. Finish off yarn, leaving a long tail.


For the Hanging Loop

Optional, if you want a loop to hang the dishrag or hotpad with

With Color A, chain 18

Row 1: Skip first two stitches and hdc across (16 stitches)

Finish off yarn, leaving a long tail.

*Note: the loop will be attached after the final border is put on.


Free Apple Crochet Pattern



To assemble, attach stem and leaf to apple using the long tails to sew together. Leave remaining tails in the back of the apple to use to attach to dishcloth.

Place apple diagonally on dishcloth as shown. Sew around the edge of the apple onto the dishcloth (if making a hotpad, sew onto only one). Use the remaining tails to sew stem and apple onto dishcloth as well. Weave in any leftover ends.

Free Apple Crochet Pattern



If making a hotpad, at this point place both squares together with both front and back matching with the hdc rows. The border will go through all four stitches of both hotpads all the way around. If desired, you can use a basting stitch and sew the two pieces together using Color A before adding the border, but this is optional. Work the border through the stitches of both squares so that they are joined all the way around.

Round 1: With color B, sc in each stitch around with 3 sc in the corners. Finish off and weave in ends.

If using a hanging loop, use long tails to attach loop on back side of hotpad in the corner that is closest to the apple’s stem. Weave in leftover ends.

Free Apple Crochet Pattern

Copyright Notice

This is a free pattern is intended for personal use.

You may use this pattern for charity crochet.

You may use my patterns to sell online, at craft shows, or in the real world so long as attribution is credited.  If selling online, provide a link back to with credit for the design.  If you’re selling at a craft show or in a shop, include the link to on the tag with credit for the design.

Please do not reproduce or sell this pattern. Anyone wishing a copy can be directed to

Free Apple Crochet Pattern


 Happy crocheting!

~Mellie ★

Our Gratitude Journal

There’s a lot of excitement about the upcoming holiday around here!  Thanksgiving isn’t really my kids’ favorite holiday per se, but they know that it starts the Christmas holiday season and that is indeed their favorite holiday.  So they’ve been happily helping decorate and getting all their favorite Christmas music together while talking about what’s to come.

  Gratitude Journal

As part of our homeschooling routine, my children usually have a daily writing exercise.  At the beginning of the year, I tried to think of random questions and topics that they could write about.  What’s your favorite food?  Tell me about your favorite toy. … and so on.  But as the year progressed, and as I listened to my children complain the way that only little children can, I thought it would be a good idea to combine their writing exercises with some reflection.  And so we started our gratitude journals.

  Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal

The premise was simple.  Each day they’d draw a picture of something they were grateful for and then write a couple of sentences about it.  I noticed, though, that they really enjoyed this exercise.  There was no longer any sluggishness when it came to writing.  Instead, they seemed almost enthusiastic.  I even heard them throughout the day mention “I’m going to write about that in my gratitude journal tomorrow!”  It was lovely to hear them focusing on the things that they were grateful for, rather than the things they wanted.  I hope that sort of mindframe becomes normal thinking for them as they grow.

  Gratitude Journal

But this exercise didn’t end with my children – I began to participate too!  With a table full of markers and white paper in front of me, and two happy children drawing away, I decided that I could use a dose of gratitude in my life as well.  And so I began to join my children in thankfulness.  I soon realized that, like my children, I often thought too much about what we needed, rather than what we have.  I found myself even looking forward to having a “reason” to draw again, without any real purpose or design to stick to – just to create from the heart.

  Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal

  Gratitude Journal download And since I’m hosting Thanksgiving dinner, I thought it might even be a nice time to spread the gratitude to the rest of the family as well.  I printed up some papers with the simple prompt “I am grateful” with room to write.  I would never insist, but I hope that my family is as open to participating in remembering the good in our lives, especially on the national day of Thanksgiving.  If you’re interested in a copy of your own, you are more than welcome to download mine here (pdf).

Thanksgiving is a holiday traditionally associated with giving thanks, and even though we started this exercise in the beginning of November, I plan to keep it up throughout the rest of our school year as well.  It’s helpful to start my days remembering the good things in my life, and all the wonderful things I have to be grateful for.  I love how it has taken on a life of its own and grown to remind us all to be thankful for all the wonderful things that we have.


Gratitude Journal

I hope that all of us , and all of you, amidst the hustle and the bustle of preparing food, getting ready for family and all that comes with it; that we can take a moment to reflect upon all of life’s blessings.

~ Mellie ★