More Crochet Along Squares

I’ve been slowly moving along on catching up on some of the crochet along squares from years past.  These are a lot easier for me to work on than bigger projects with a toddler underfoot, and half the time I’m working on them as a car passenger while the family’s been running errands, or when I’m waiting to pick the kids up from one activity or another.  A crochet along square is easy to pack up and bring along, and even fifteen minutes here and there eventually add up.  Sometimes I really need to be able to start and finish a project and be able to see it from beginning to end, especially in these mothering years where everything else tends to be an endless cycle of repetition. 

My 2015 blanket is the last large project that I finished, and turned out to be so successful and is used in our home every day, so I figured the 2016 and 2017 deserve a chance to be finished up too! Hopefully in time for the holidays this year, because I have two families that would love them and that I would love to share my creations with.  So, with some slow and steady progress, here are a few more squares from the 2016 Block-a-Month Crochet Along group from Ravelry that I’m adding to the pile of finished creations!  And if you’re following along with my progress, here is my gallery for the squares I have finished for this particular blanket on Ravelry.  Hopefully one that will be growing incrementally!

For all of these squares, I used Caron Simply Soft yarn and a G (4mm) hook.  The colors I used black, off white, light country peach, and red.  Because I use a smaller hook and sport weight yarn when most of the patterns call for worsted weight and an H or I hook, I make my squares 9″ instead of 12″ and often have room for a bit more of a border. 

Blue Jeanne Crochet Along Square

Blue Jeanne Crochet Square - Crochet Along Square -
Blue Jeanne Crochet Square

The original version of this square was designed with blue yarn, hence the name, but I think the red and peach turned out pretty well too.  I love the way the center motif of this crochet along square turned out – very unique but not overly difficult to make.  Blocking squares that have a million back post stitches are always difficult, so I hope I captured the essence of how pretty this square turned out to be!

Block-a-Month Crochet-Along Square: 2016 November Filler square

Free Ravelry Download: Blue Jeanne Crochet Square

Designer: Hooked on Sunshine

Price (at time of post): Free


Rebirth Crochet Along Square

Rebirth Crochet Square - Crochet Along Square -
Rebirth Crochet Square

This is the most recent of the 2016 squares that I completed, and I love it.  It’s been on my list to make since it first came out, with its strong zigzags and clean lines.  This one was made to be a little fancy by using tapestry crochet to carry the puff color through the dark background.  I also added a little bit of embroidery as flower puff “stems”, which I think turned out kind of fun.  I fall in love with this square again every time I look at it.

Block-a-Month Crochet-Along Square: 2016 December Filler square

Ravelry Download: Rebirth Crochet Square

Designer: Magdalene Lee

Price (at time of post): Free


Queen of the Meadow Crochet Along Square

Queen of the Meadow Crochet Square - Crochet Along Square -
Queen of the Meadow Crochet Square

This crochet along square is so unique.  It was the main square for August of 2016, and captures the essence of summer breezes, as was intended.  I did make a few changes, mostly in the “breezy” aspect of the white surrounding smaller stitches.  The original called for it to actually look like they were flying off in the breeze.  However, my picky sense of symmetry forced me to follow the alternative layout of the simple repetition instead.  Still, I love how it turned out. 

Block-a-Month Crochet-Along Square: 2016 August Main square

Free Ravelry Download: Queen of the Meadow Crochet Square

Designer: Lettice Rose

Price (at time of post): Free

Sometimes after I’ve been working on a crochet along square for a while, I get so caught up in making the details as perfect as I can that I forget to take a step back and look at them as a whole.  I’ll want to start an entire square over if I decide after the fact that a round should have been made in a different color, for example.  Being able to put them away for a while and go back to them helps me appreciate the work I’ve done.  Just posting these here makes me inspired enough to want to work on more squares today!  I’m so glad to share them, and each step closer to the final project being finished is progress made!


2018 Crochet Along

So here we are at the end of February, and I’m only just recently starting to pull myself together for the 2018 Block-a-Month Crochet Along (or bamcal for short) group on Ravelry.  These past couple of years have found me so busy that I’ve barely done any crochet at all (well, from what I’m used to).  But I’m really hoping that will change.  I’ve been in nesting mode – it’s true, we’re expecting another sweet little one at the end of spring.  My heart is swelling with joy, and we’re all so happy.  And chances are that this will likely be my last little one, so I really want to take all the time in the world to enjoy every last minute of being a mother to an infant. 

felted pregnancy -

Clara has been a dream of a baby – easy going, a good sleeper, calm.  I’ve really been blessed with her, and she just bubbles over with happiness and love for life.  I’m hoping that she will embrace being a big sister just as much as she embraces everything else.  My older boys, too, have stepped up to the plate so much to help – watching Clara when I need to nap, helping with feeding when necessary, and entertaining her when I need a few minutes to myself.  That’s one of the reasons why I have had a bit of extra time to myself.  Although I’ve spent more time than necessary on cooking and cleaning, I’m making sure lately to see that I am also getting time to create, even if it’s just a round here and there of crochet, or doodle on the sofa while I’m nursing.  And so, I’ve fortunately been able to start catching up with the 2018 crochet along. 

2018 Crochet Along - Grumpy Grandad crochet -
Grumpy Grandad Square – January 2018 Crochet Along

So here I’m sharing the first three January squares for the 2018 crochet along.  The first one here is called Grumpy Grandad square by Sadie Cuming, found for free (as of this writing) here as a Ravelry download.  I added a little bit of decorative embroidery in the center, just because, and went a little crazy with the blocking, because the lines of this are so striking. 

I’m using my new colors for this year’s bamcal, which are from the Caron Simply Soft line.  The colors are white, soft green, blue mint (from the brite line, as the deepest blue), and robin’s egg blue for the midtone blue; the lighter pinkish color is the same light country peach that I’ve used in previous bamcals (and which I stocked up on when I thought they discontinued the color, but now it’s available everywhere again, so who knows!?);  and the deeper pink is plum wine.  I was a little hesitant when selecting these colors because there’s such a huge trend right now in crochet with the turquoise/pink thing, but I think the contrast works well with the addition of the green and peach. The color flow is so soft and pretty. 

2018 Crochet Along - Sunrise Beach -
2018 Crochet Along – Sunrise Beach

Sunrise Beach by Jen Tyler was the group’s choice for the filler square for February.  The pattern is available as a free Ravelry download here. I love this square.  Especially with the colors; it goes so well with the femininity of the ruffles, the floral theme, the embellishments and puffs.  I really had a lot of fun designing the color layout and then making the square. 

Both the squares are made for worsted weight yarn and come out to 12″ in the pattern.  But since I’m using a sport weight yarn, I also use a smaller hook than is usually recommended as well.  These were both made with a 4.00mm / G hook.  Because of this, they don’t come anywhere near to 12″.  In fact, I usually need to add a few rounds to get them up to 9″.  But 9″ is perfect, because, as with my 2015 bamcal blanket, the squares are all in multiples of 3″, so I can mix and match them at the end of the year into a pleasing pattern. 

2018 Crochet Along - Knotted Puffs
2018 Crochet Along – Knotted Puffs –

And finally, the 6″ square for January is Knotted Puffs by Amber Schaaf.  This is another Ravelry download (also free) that can be found following the link here. These came out smaller than 6″ for all the reasons I mentioned above.  Usually I just add a few extra rounds onto the squares to bring them up to 6″, but instead I did something a little different by putting them together into a 4-square and then adding the borders around that to bring it up to 9″.  I’m sure I’ll have plenty of 6″ squares by the end of the year that a few of them can be pieced together like this just fine. 

Anyway, friends, thank you for all the comments and emails.  Like I’ve been promising (and promising, I know), I will eventually get back to you and answer some of the questions that you’ve left.  Thanks for all your support and patience, I truly do appreciate it!


Crochet Along – 6 Inch Crochet Squares

I meant to get this up  on Tuesday, so I’m a few days late, but better late than never, right?  Anyway, Monday I shared the large squares from the 2016 Block-a-Month Crochet-Along on Ravelry that I made in my new updated colors.  Today I’ll share the 6 inch crochet squares. 

If you’re unfamiliar with how the bamcal works, each month, two larger squares are selected for the group to make – one by the moderators and one voted on by the group.  There’s also one six-inch square that’s selected that you have the option of making.  I usually  make four.  For the first couple of crochet-alongs, I joined all four to make another 12″ square, but in the subsequent CALs I decided to randomly place them throughout the blanket.  So I still make four, but I no longer join them until the final piecing.

2016 Crochet Along Squares - Sweet Daisy Crochet Squares -
Sweet Daisy Crochet Squares

This is the Sweet Daisy Square, from April.  There are a lot of pretty variations of this square, and I think it would be lovely in some floral colors, but it was still fun to make with this current color scheme I have goiing.  Lots of puffs and separate leaves, it makes a decently solid square.Please note that this square was available for free at the time of the crochet-along selection, but it’s now a paid pattern, and you can find the download pattern here.

2016 Crochet Along Squares - Lest We Forget Crochet Square -
Lest We Forget Crochet Squares

Lest We Forget Square was the 6″ selection for July.  I didn’t think that I would love this square as much I as I do, by the time I was done making it, it was on my list of top favorite 6″ squares.  I love the poppy motif.  Here is a link to the pattern download page.  and the Ravelry pattern link page is here.  There is a very detailed, step-by-step picture tutorial for making this, so it’s a great square for newer crocheters.

2016 Crochet Along Squares - Lest We Forget Crochet Square: Detail -
Here Lest We Forget Crochet Square (detail)

Rather than leave the four squares separate, I decided to do something a little different with them this time.  Since my final squares are in multiples of 3″ (for easy piecing), I decided to piece two of the squares together and then add some stitching along one side to bring it up to a 6 x 9″ rectangle.  I used a simple repeating V-stitch (dc, ch1, dc, sk2) all the way across.  Even though I don’t know yet how the final blanket will end up (I usually do that more toward November), I think having some variety like this will be fun.

2016 Crochet Along Squares - Petal Patch Squares -
Petal Patch Crochet Squares

And finally, the Petal Patch squares were the June 6″ selection.  They are relatively simple to make and ended up quite lovely.  The pattern link can be found here to the pattern, and here is the Ravelry page.

That’s it for the squares I’ve caught up with (both making and photographing!) but there is still lots more to come!  I still have a lot of work I want to get done before this little girl of mine decides to make her appearance! Stay tuned!



June Crochet Along Squares

Hello, June, and hello new monthly crochet squares.

The patterns selected for this month were fantastic, and I had a ton of fun making them.  The best part about them is that I made them all while outside sitting in the sunshine – such a nice break from the cold doldrums of winter!  I’m still unpacking from my move last fall (yes, it takes me that long to get myself together!), and the patio has taken a backseat to getting all the rooms together indoors.  But I have pulled out my patio table and some chairs and got an outdoor rug to put them all on.  My yard is teeming with ticks and poison ivy, and I’m still laying down grass seed to get to the bare spots growing.  It’s not exactly the lush garden of paradise that I was hoping it would be by now.  But I also have wild blackberries and grapes growing all over, and the mint and parsley that I planted last month are already thriving, so if nothing else, I’ll have some wonderfully scented fruit salad!  Anyway, I have plenty of time left this summer to get things together, and just being able to sit outside my door is a pleasure. 

june crochet along -
Fountain of Roses crochet square

I feel like the squares I made up for this month’s crochet along reflect the warm weather as well, with the warm floral colors I selected almost taking on a watermelon-like feel.  The Fountain of Roses crochet square (follow the link for the free Raverly download) is such a beautiful square.  I made it once before for the crochet-along last year, but I ended up liking this version so much better.  But it reminds me of a watermelons every time I look at it – the pink insides, the green skin, even the dark seeds!  Well, it’s fitting for the summer, isn’t it?

june crochet along -
The Rachel Block crochet square

The Rachel Block was the main square for June, and it was supposed to be a full 12″ square.  But the big center bloom looked so pretty that by the time I got to the square around it and found that it equaled 6″ exactly, I decided that I would leave it at that size and use it that way instead.  So many 6-inch blocks have a small motif in the center and rounds and rounds that outline it, but this great big blossom extends all the way to the lengths of the square instead, and I thought that was a nice change.  I was so happy with it that I ended up making a few mores too!

june crochet along -
Wrap Square

And finally, the six inch block for the month is this lovely little Wrap Square.  It’s a little hard to tell from the picture, but the petals aren’t in rounds; instead they wrap around in a spiral.  I used three different colors and even though I attached them properly, it still looks a bit like three separate rounds.  But it’s not.  I usually make a couple of the 6-inch squares each month, but with the three Rachel blocks, this singleton rounded out the bunch, and so I left it that way.  It certainly is lovely enough to stand on its own!

We’re halfway through the year with the 2015 Block-a-Month Crochet Along, but for those of you who have asked me about it, it’s never too late to join in.  The 18 squares that are left before the end of the year are plenty to have a decent-sized blanket ready for someone you love (or yourself!) by the holidays, so if you’ve been wanting to join in, by all means, jump right in!

~Mellie ★