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Dog Days of Summer

It’s been so hot here lately during these dog days of summer.  Whenever the temperature is bearable, usually in those early morning hours, we’ve been taking advantage of getting outdoors.  The ponds are sticky and still with insects and algae; the storm clouds are a welcome sight for bringing much needed cooler temperatures – though the humidity it leaves behind can be oppressing.


Dog Days of Summer - drying river

Dog Days of Summer - hawk

Dog Days of Summer - riverside

Dog Days of Summer - outdoor crochet

Dog Days of Summer - pond

Inside, too, we’ve been celebrating summer from the comfort of sitting in front of the air conditioner.  There are berries to enjoy with fresh made whipped cream; there are crochet and art projects abounding, full of promise for the weeks ahead.

The days are long and hot, but a perfect mixture of growth and dreams, just as the vegetables and flowers are inching their way toward harvest.  I love the seasons and the progressive changes from month to month.  In a world where climate control is pretty regular wherever you go, through heating or AC, sometimes it’s nice to just experience the summer in its fullest.

Dog Days of Summer - bridge

Dog Days of Summer - shady forest

Dog Days of Summer - frog

Have a great weekend!

~Mellie ★

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