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Crochet Gifts for Men

Crochet Gifts for Men

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, I’m narrowing down my gift list.  And I always seem to run into the same problem: for the females, I have a multitude of cute and beautiful ideas of things I can craft and crochet for them.  My list of what to crochet for men, on the other hand, is very short.  Finding good crochet gifts for men – ones that they’ll really like – can be a struggle.  I know I’ve made my fair share of man gifts only to be met with a quizzical look and a comment about it being “interesting” or something of the sort. Since then, I’ve gone out of my way to bookmark crochet patterns that would be something that men would really like to receive.  So, here is a list of patterns from around the internet that I think are some great ideas for crochet gifts for men that you can make.

Winter Items

Winter items are great gifts for the holiday season (here in the northern hemisphere, anyway). These are ideal gifts because they’re so practical.  Usually there’s a few months of cold weather that follow the holidays, so these items will get used.  Wool is always a great fiber for winter items because it repels water and will keep you even warmer when it gets damp. Crochet Gifts for Men - Waffle Scarf

1 – Waffle Stitch Crochet Scarf

Link to pattern: Thermal Scarf (free; registration required)

This was actually one of the first crochet gifts for men that I made, and it was very well received.  The waffle stitch makes it look intricate, but it’s actually quite simple and even novice crocheters can pick  up the pattern quickly.  I made mine in a mustard color to make it look like an actual waffle (just for fun), but it can take on a sophisticated look in a neutral color.

2 – Snowflake Ice Scraper Mitt

Link to pattern: Snowflake Ice Scraper Mitt (free)

If you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow like I do, you already know what a drag it is to have to scrape ice from your car’s windshield every morning (and afternoon… and evening…)  No matter how toasty my hands might be before I start cleaning the car off, by the time I’m done, my hands feel like ice.  That’s why I was excited to see this pattern for a warm woolen cover for your ice scraper.  I have several of these on my gift list this year – and plan to make one for myself as well!

Crochet Gifts for Men - Felted Ice Scraper

3 – Men’s Mitten / Fingerless Gloves

Link to pattern: Crocheted Mittens / Fingerless Gloves (free)

These are really practical if the man on your gift list owns a smartphone.  Fingerless gloves give the ability to use a touchscreen and the mitten top will allow his hands to keep warm while he’s not using his phone.  So much easier than taking a pair of gloves off and on anytime he needs to make a call or check a message.  This pattern fits teenage boys’ hands up to larger male hands.

Crochet Gifts for Men - Men's Crochet Socks 4 – Men’s Crochet Socks

Link to pattern: Father’s Day Crochet Socks (free; registration required)

Knitters aren’t the only ones who can make a warm woolen pair of socks for the man on their list.  These crocheted socks will keep his feet nice and warm on even the coldest winter days.  And you can make them in his favorite color combinations as well.  I like to use KnitPicks’ Palette yarn for socks, which has an immense range of colors and is 100% Peruvian wool.  However, any sock yarn would work.  This pattern is recommended for crocheters with a bit of experience.


5 – Cubed Hat Crochet Gifts for Men - Cubed Hat

Link to pattern: Hat – Cubed, Super Slouchy or Relaxed ($5.00)

In my experience, you can never go wrong giving a man another hat.  This pattern is great in that it is very customizable (you can make it in three different styles – cubed, super slouchy or relaxed) according to the style the man on your gift list prefers.  The pattern makes color coordinating a lot of fun, and it comes in sizes all the way from young children up to an adult male.  Another bonus is that, unlike so many crocheted hats, the design is masculine yet stylish.

6 – Dan’s Minimalist Scarf

Link to pattern: Dan’s Minimalist Scarf  (free)

This is another good scarf pattern because of its simplicity.  For guys that don’t like any muss and fuss over fancier details, this basic scarf pattern is ideal.  This is another great pattern for beginners, as the pattern is very easy to follow.

7 – Skater Beanie

Link to pattern: Skater Beanie (free)

Here is another ideal “guy hat”  – perfect for slipping on when it’s cold out. This pattern contains a good deal of photo tutorial pictures, helpful for novice crocheters.  This pattern allows you to custom fit it for your recipient’s head. The stripes add a decorative and stylish contrast.

Crochet Gifts for Men - Skater Hat

Crochet Gifts for Men - Dragon Scarf

8 – Dragon Scarf

Link to pattern: Dragon Scarf (C$9.00 CAD – or about $8.69; Ravelry download)

Also can be downloaded from Etsy here: Dragon Scarf for $8.69)

A little labor-intensive, but what an awesome gift!  This dragon scarf pattern comes with over 150 color photos and is sure to be a hit with anyone on your list who likes a little bit of fantasy or sci-fi in their life.  The dragon pattern is very customizable, right down to the facial features.  Recommended for intermediate or advanced crocheters.

TV and Movie Inspired Items

There are so many excellent TV shows and movies out right now, and crochet is such a great medium for this kind of thing.   Here are some of my favorites:

9 – Ood Ski Mask 

Link to pattern: Ood Ski Mask (free Ravelry download)

I have many friends (myself included) who are Dr. Who fans   We’re the nerdiest kind, too – we dress up for Dr. Who parties and count down the days to the season premiers.  With the newest season just starting, Dr. Who is picking up more and more fans each week.  If one of your men friends enjoys the show, this Ood mask is a pretty awesome gift.

Crochet Gifts for Men - Ood Ski Mask

10 – Blue Police Box Throw Crochet Gifts for Men - Police Box Afghan

Link to pattern: Blue Police Box Throw (free)

And while we’re on the subject of Dr. Who, here is another great gift or your favorite Whovian.  A blanket is admittedly a lot larger than some of the other gifts, but the ease of using just a few colors and the clean geometric lines makes this an easy enough pattern to be finished in time for the holidays.  Who wouldn’t love receiving one of these? (Har har, excuse the pun!)  There are some other TARDIS-style crochet patterns on that link as well, including a miniature version of this full-sized one, so check out the one that best suits your preference.

Crochet Gifts for Men - Mini R2D2 11 – Mini R2D2

Link to pattern: Mini R2D2 (free)

My kids are obsessed with R2D2 right now.  They haven’t seen Star Wars (yet) but on one of our Christmas music disks, there’s the song “R2D2 We Wish You a Merry Christmas” (did you know that was Jon Bon Jovi singing that!?) Anyway, my kids thought that R2’s whistling was the cutest thing ever, and even have their Halloween costumes planned out for next year (R2 for the eldest, C3PO for the younger).  So I have a few R2D2 items in my crochet queue right now.  This is one of my favorites.

12 – Game of Thrones Stark Scarf

Link to pattern: Game of Thrones – Stark Scarf (free Ravelry download)

I just finished Season 3 of GoT yesterday, and if you’re a fan, you know how incredible that season is.  I’m personally a fan of the House of Stark (Arya is my favorite) so this scarf is a perfect addition to any fan’s winter accessories.  Including mine.  Ahem.

Crochet Gifts for Men - Game of Thrones Scarf

13 – Mario Mushrooms

Link to pattern: Mario Brothers Mushrooms

Crochet Gifts for Men - Mario Mushrooms How cute are these?  If the guy on your gifting list grew up playing Mario Brothers in any format, he might love these adorable 1-Up Mario Mushrooms.  You can tell him they’re for good luck!  They also make a great conversation piece.  And if you like these, there’s a pattern on the same link that will show you how to make a pair of Mario Mushroom earrings as well.


For the Home and Office

14 – Crooked Coffee Cozy

Crochet Gifts for Men - Crooked Coffee Cozy

Link to pattern: Crooked Coffee Cozy (free)

If the guy on your list goes out for coffee a lot, a cozy is a great way to personalize his cup while keeping his fingers from getting hot.  It doubles for keeping cold drinks cold too – so it would go well with his favorite six-pack!  Whichever his preference, this pattern is quite easy, and would be great for beginning crocheters.  This is also fast to whip up, making it a good choice for a last minute gift.

15 – Crochet Mug Cozy Crochet Gifts for Men - Crochet Mug Cozy

Link to pattern: Crochet Mug Cozy (free)

If his preference tends toward coffee at home in the morning with his favorite mug rather than going out for a cup, this mug cozy pattern is a great fit.  It allows you to alter the size so it snugly wraps around the mug of choice perfectly.  Match it to his home or office decor and he’ll be drinking his morning cup of joe in style.  The pattern page contains lots of photos to help guide your project.

16 & 17 – Striped Phone & Tablet Cover and Phone Case

Crochet Gifts for Men - Rainbow Stripes Phone and Tablet Cover

Link to pattern: Rainbow Stripes Tablet or Phone (free)

Is the guy on your list glued to his phone or tablet?  Why not crochet a cover or case as a personalized gift for him?  Rainbow stripes may not be the first color choice for some men, but this pattern is easily adaptable to using any colors the guy on your list may like.  For example, school colors, a netural black/grey/white, or whatever color is his favorite.  Either way, his tablet or phone will be safe from scratches and nicks in this easy to make case.  The link offers the pattern for free or you can buy the entire kit.


18 – Crocheted Earbuds Crochet Gifts for Men - Crochet Earbuds

Link to pattern: Crocheted Earbuds Tutorial (free)

I think these would be useful for anybody who uses earbuds.  I know that I spend a  few minutes untangling mine pretty much every time I use them.  Just those few moments of saved time and frustration make this an ideal gift for anyone on your gift list who uses them.  And since this is made with embroidery floss rather than yarn, there’s a huge variety of colors you can choose from.


Crochet Gifts for Men - Book Pillow 19 – Book Pillow

Link to Pattern: My Version of the Book Pillow (free)

This is such a neat idea, and once I saw it, I instantly knew how useful it would be around the house.  If the guy on your list is an avid reader or spends a lot of time on his tablet, this book pillow pattern would be a fabulous gift.  If you haven’t seen one of these before, the pyramid in the center props the book or tablet up so you can comfortably sit or lie down without having to hold the book at an awkward angle.  The pattern has two parts, so be sure to download them both.  This would be a great gift to accompany the latest bestseller.

20 – Two-Strand Basket Crochet Gifts for Men - Basket

Link to pattern: 2 Strand Basket (free)

You can’t get more practical than giving someone more storage space.  This two-stranded crochet basket is an excellent option for doing just that.  It can be made in any color and can be used for so many different purposes – to hold bathroom items, books and magazines, even keys and sunglasses at the front door.  You could even fill it up with smaller gifts and use it as its own gift container.  With so many options, it’s a great addition to any gift list, men and women alike.

For Musicians

I don’t know if it’s just me, but there are a lot of musicians on my male gifting list.  Pianists, guitarists, musicians in general; they range from those who occasionally pick up a guitar and strum around every so often to those who are serious musicians that devote hours each day to their instrument.  That’s an area that I don’t have a lot of skill in, so I respect very much their talents.  These crochet patterns can reflect that appreciation:

21 – Crochet Piano Scarf

Link to pattern: Piano Key Scarf (free)

I made this piano scarf for a musician on my list several years ago and he has always treasured it.  The finished scarf is absolutely lovely and gets compliments very often.  It looks difficult, but is actually relatively easy once you get the first few keys down, although it is recommended for more experienced crocheters.  CrochetSpot, where the pattern is found, has very detailed instructions and is helpful when explaining questions about its patterns.  If you have a pianist on your list, this scarf would be the highlight of the season!

Crochet Gifts for Men - Piano Scarf

22 – Crochet Guitar Pick Keychain Holder

Link to Pattern: Guitar Pick Holder Keychain Crochet Pattern (free)

If you have a guitarist on your gift list, you might want to make him one of these crochet guitar pick cases.  Guitar picks are so small and easy to lose.  This pick case doubles as a keychain, and is the perfect way to keep one always on hand.

23 – Felted Guitar Strap

Link to pattern: Crochet Felted Guitar Strap (free)

Here’s another way to get creative with the guitarist or bassist on your gift list.  This felted guitar strap can add some color and comfort at the same time.   A different version can be found here.

For Golfers

Golfing  is a popular sport among many men, and there are some fun crochet projects you can make for them.

24 – Golf Club Covers Crochet Gifts for Men - Golf Club Covers

Link to pattern: Golf Club Covers (free; registration required)

Before my first son was born, I joined some friends in taking some golfing classes.  If I had been a crocheter back then, I would have definitely made up a set of golf club covers for myself and for all of my golfing friends.  These use a bulkier weighted yarn, giving a little bit of extra protection to the golf clubs, and you can personalize them with any color the man on your gifting list prefers.

25 – Cabled Golf Cap

Link to pattern: Men’s Cabled Golf Cap (free)

While you’re at it, why not make him this stylish golf hat to go along with his golf club covers?  Another masculine hat with a subtle yet striking design, it’s a helpful way to keep the sun out of your golfer’s eyes while looking good at the same time.  Even if he isn’t a golfer, this cap would be a handsome addition to any man’s wardrobe.

Crochet Gifts for Men - Men's Cabled Golf Hat

In Conclusion…

There are so many wonderful crochet gifts for men out there if you know where to find them.  This is a roundup of my favorites, and I hope it gave you some ideas and inspiration!  I have a bunch of men on my gifting list, so I know I’ll be making a few of these over the next few weeks.  If you know of any other patterns that should be added to this list, go ahead and link them in the comments below!

Happy crocheting!

~ Mellie ★

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  1. These are awesome ideas! Men are so hard to shop/craft for. Thanks for including my earbuds :)

  2. This is a really great list, thanks for putting it together!

  3. Thanks so much for including my mug cozy. Great round-up of crocheted gifts!

  4. Carsie says:

    WOw, a lot of really great ideas on this list. And so many cool patterns too!

  5. Nice list:) Thanks for sharing!

  6. wow, there are a lot of good ideas here. i want to make a lot of them!

  7. Thank you so much! I am crocheting for everyone except the men in my life and this gives me some wonderful ideas!!

    1. Awesome, glad it helped! :)

  8. Chris says:

    Most of these are horrible ideas! Most men only wear this shit because someone made it for them and we only wear it when they’re around. Women, the head cover for golf clubs, decent idea all the other stuff is a big Hell NO!!! Quit trying to chop your man’s balls off and make him one of the girls, it’s not who or what we are. If your man goes shopping with you so he can carry the bags and tell you what he thinks about the clothes you buy is one thing, after that, let him be a man, let him kill and eat animals, it’s what we do…naturally. Thank you for your time, have a great day ladies.

    1. Thank you for your constructive criticism.

    2. My husband, brothers, son, nephews and grandsons all appreciate handmade items – and they use them. Big warm slippers, mitts, gloves, fingerless gloves, helmet liners, sweaters, afghans, socks and many other items have all been welcome gifts. This Xmas, the guys are getting cowls and watch caps. I did this a few years ago and everyone has grown out of them. Cowls are great when scarves get in the way. I make them more form-fitting than I would for women, and I’m still getting requests for them from men. Chris, I know that not every item is for everyone’s tastes, and some of the colors in these examples are not what I would use. It sounds like you’ve been a victim of unfortunate colour choices. You probably aren’t from an area that gets very cold, so you don’t fully understand how welcome these gifts truly are when temps dip far below zero and you still want to be outdoors. Thanks for the patterns and ideas!

      1. Thanks for sharing, Janet! I understand that cold all too well and how comforting warm woolies can bring!

    3. Sonja-marie Keesee says:

      Well you’re just one rude guy ! you have no idea how hard it is to buy gifts for men or to make them something that is actually useful and that they can use ! no need to be rude about it ! instead why don’t you try to add some ideas in here , this way you can help us women ! We are not trying to make you guys one of the girls , that would be weird ! Plus that is something for us girls, however I do know lots of guys that crochet just an FYI !!

      Have a great day

    4. If you can’t say something nice, it is best to say nothing at all. If you can’t contribute and say what men would like, then it is best to stay out of the conversation.

  9. Amanda Meintjes says:

    Hi, I may or my not be speaking out of turn but: Chris, just because YOU don’t like these items, it doesn’t mean the rest of the male population shares your opinion. If you have a problem with these items, shouldn’t you clear it with the one who made it for you? Your comment may put off a lot of crocheters- beginners especially. Mellie I love this post, most of the items I have made before and received a lot of orders from men. Especially for the beanies. Now I have some new inspiration!

    1. thank you Amanda! I too have made some of these that men have liked and worn not out of duty but because they liked (and even requested) them as well. To each their own. I’m glad you enjoyed the list :)

  10. Jane Kirby says:

    Hi there,

    I really like these patterns but I’m especially interested in the book stand. When I clicked on the link it said that the pattern was no longer there. Is it still available?



  11. Hi,
    great ideas!!
    Especially I love the book pillow! Is there a possibility to get the pattern? On the page you have linked it is no longer available.

    Thanks, Lena

  12. whoah this weblog is excellent i like studying your posts.
    Keep up the great work! You recognize, a lot of persons are looking round
    for this information, you could help them greatly.

  13. Hey, in case anyone was interested in the coffee mug, it looks like the pattern moved to here:

    1. Jeez, I meant that that was the pattern for the coffee coozy.

      Great list!

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