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2020 Squares

I’ve finally made a couple more squares from the 2020 Block-a-Month crochet-along on Ravelry.  So many people have been so prolific with their crafting during this pandemic and all the time we’ve spent at home lately, but as a mom with four kids (including two toddlers), I’ve been the opposite – so busy! Even though it can get hectic with all of us at home though, it’s been rather nice too. There’s been a lot of family time, just hanging out with each other and I’ve had more time to spend with my older boys. I’ve also been able to do a lot more gardening now that I’m not running from place to place throughout the days anymore. I’ll definitely share some photos of my garden and my ever-growing succulent collection. We’ve been fortunate to start getting our summer harvest in of cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes, too. Nothing beats fresh vegetables straight from the garden.

gwendolyn crochet square -
gwendolyn crochet square

But back to crocheting, this first square was the June member’s choice. It’s Gwendolyn by Polly Plum, who is one of my favorite crochet square designers. The free pattern can be found here for free on her website. I added a little bit of my own decorative touch around the center with a round of slip stitches. I love the layered texture of the center motif. 

Lisa Mauser, along with Diana Krenz, are my two newest favorite crochet pattern designers for squares. Check out their patterns, there are some absolutely breathtaking designs there. This one below, Merlin, is one of Lisa’s patterns, and it’s part of a set named for characters from King Arthur’s court. The pdf for this pattern is $1.25 on Ravelry, but if you don’t mind copy/pasting it or just reading along, you can get it for free on her blog here

merlin crochet square -
merlin crochet square

Another great resource for printing patterns when they’re not in pdf form is the website Print Friendly, where you just copy and paste the url into the search bar. A preview will pop up and you can delete everything that you don’t want printed. It’s a great way to save paper, as well as limit picture-heavy patterns. 

That’s it for today, have a safe and healthy Monday! 

~mellie ★

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  1. Deborah says:

    Before you scan all of those work basket magazines look at it might cut down on your scanning

    1. Colleen McLean says:

      I love your tropical delight. Made it what seems like years ago, and so nice to see it again. I just wanted to thank you for sharing it.

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