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Crochet Tulip Hat

Crochet Tulip Hat -

Summer around here is no joke.  It gets so hot, and the humidity from the Great Lakes sometimes makes you feel like you’re in a sauna.  But there are those days that get you out of nowhere, where a sudden drop in temperatures makes every passing older lady on the street (or grandma, in this case), ask “where’s your hat” to a little baby girl.  So a hat was made – fittingly, a crochet tulip hat. 

Crochet Tulip Hat -

I usually start taking the kids’ preferences for hats, gloves, scarves and such into account when school starts in September, but my sweet little Alice loves going outside so much that I figured she should have herself a little hat to keep her head warm – just in case.  I found a plethora of gorgeous crochet hats to make, and it was hard to narrow it down to just one (because let’s face it, I have enough crochet projects on my plate right now!). This crochet tulip hat was just so adorable, and so perfect for a summer day. 

Crochet Tulip Hat -

I’m fortunate (I think) that Alice’s older sister Clara is such a fashionista that wearing hats has become the norm around here.  Clara’s choices of hats range all the way from Daddy’s enormous beach hat to Mommy’s flower hat, and she wears them constantly. Hats, gloves, accessories, those are part of the norm around here.  So when Alice finally got her own little hat she was thrilled to have something that her big sister didn’t try to take away from her and put on herself. 

Crochet Tulip Hat -

My sweet little Alice… this girl is so full of life and joy and vitality.  I’ve said it before, but she’s very likely the last baby I will ever have, and because of that, she holds a special place in my heart.  I’m in no hurry to see her grow up too quickly, and all of her baby fat, baby feet, and baby babbling just melts my heart into a little puddle at her feet. 

Anyway, the pattern is called Tulip Cap, and it’s a free pattern that can be found here.  My girls were blessed with their fathers enormous head size, so I always go a size or two up, but there are two sizes available in the pattern, and it could be adjusted accordingly to make it even smaller or larger. 

Crochet Tulip Hat -

I can’t resist her beautiful smile.  And she’s oh so willing to model all my little projects.  Life is good. 

Till the next time,

~mellie ★


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  1. That is such a cute hat! And Alice is so adorable!! ?

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  4. Jean Brenner Groen says:

    I am 86 years old, but when I was a kid, my folks were friends of Jack and Clara. We lived within 5 miles of them in rural Kansas. They belonged to a bridge club and that is where I learned to play bridge. People didn’t get baby sitters…they took their kids with them. And they let the kids play oft times.
    When I was in junior high school, I was well know for the angel food cakes I made. The Tillotsons did an article on me and my cakes. The joke was “if you don’t follow the directions closely, it might turn out to be like corn bread”
    I wonder if Tillotson’s kids are still alive.
    You may publish my email address. I would love to heawr from people who like the Workbasket

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