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Do forgive me for my lack of posting these past couple of weeks!  We get a short window of opportunity around here – in between the frigid winters and the blazing hot summers – of some perfectly temperate days.  And we’ve been making the most of them.  All of my crochet, spinning and crafting has been cast aside to explore the forest with my children, to run and play in the sands and the chilly beach water, and for running barefoot in the grass, chasing lighting bugs.

June - sunset

Child Flower

Green Leaves

Daytime Moon

Soon, we’ll be pushed indoors once again, this time enjoying the air conditioning on the triple-digit days that have come to encompass the rest of summer.  And when falls comes, we’ll once again soak up all that nature has to offer before we dip down into the negative temperatures of winter.  But for now, for a few precious weeks in the year, we’re spending as much time as we can enjoying the outdoors from morning to night.

Exploring Nature

Lightning Bugs

Fresh Cherries


Maybe someday we’ll move somewhere that is a little less extreme in temperature variances.  But for now… I’m on my way outdoors.  And maybe this time, I’ll pack a little bit of yarn with me!


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