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Crochet Garden Flowers


Summer is here in full swing!  We’ve got heat, humidity, and ice cold lemonade over here, and sitting in the AC while the sun blasts down on us has spurred me along to finish this beautiful summery afghan of crochet garden flowers.  Garden State was a “Mystery Crochet-along” over at the Julie Yeager Designs group on Ravelry – which means that once a week, a clue was released, and at the end of six weeks or so, you have a new afghan of which you had no idea how it was going to turn out.  Mystery CALs are always a shot in the dark – you never know if you’re going to love it or just kind of be like “ehhhh…”, especially when it’s an afghan, which takes up a decent amount of time.  Luckily for me, I just love the way this one turned out.  So, ta-da!

Crochet Flower Garden Afghan

When I ran outside to take this, I was greeted at the door with a blast of heat.  But it looks like it just belongs out there in the grass, doesn’t it?  With the flowers and the green, green background.  I really didn’t plan on the colors turning out this way.  Moreso I wanted to combine a palette of very bright colors, kind of like 80s neon reminiscent.

Crochet Flower Garden Border

The border is supposed to be a butterfly border, which is actually pretty cute.  I had a harder time deciding on what color I’d do the border in than I did any other part.  Here is my project page for this one.  I stuck to the pattern for pretty much all of it, except for one of the larger flowers, the Happy Flower.  Instead of doing a continuous loop, I did and re-did the pattern until I came up with something just a little different – but lovely.  I’ll have all the details here tomorrow.  Until then, enjoy a day out in the flowers! ✿



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