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Has it been a week already?  A week without picking up a hook or dreaming up projects while gazing at yarn; without having a moment to stop and smell the flowers?  A week where every waking moment has been dominated with Important Things To Do and basically rushed by in a big, stressful blur?  Why yes, it has.  And I’m hoping that the worst of it is over and now we can all return to the slower pace that we’re accustomed to.


We all go through life’s little stresses and big stresses from time to time.  It’s unfortunate when they all tend to happen in the course of a week – the kind of week that just runs you ragged, emotionally and physically.  I usually turn to crochet for peace and rejuvenation and really, I haven’t even had a chance to pick up one of my hooks.


But no matter.  These things come, they pass, and life will adjust itself accordingly.  We will slow down, we will breathe.  The busy-ness will eventually relax into a comforting lull and my little family will drift along its lazy rivers until the next bump in the road.  Until then, I’m taking this moment to breathe again, to savor a hot mug of coffee and watch the sunrise, and enjoy the silence of the morning with a crossword puzzle or some light reading.

Soon enough, there will be projects again.  There will be homeschooling routines to get used to and there will be the seasonal shift to my favorite time of year.  There will be harvesting and activity.  There will be a plethora of yarn calling to me, and a peek ahead at the season to come.


Until then, I will breathe.

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