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Hot Apple Cake Recipe with Streusel Topping

  Hot Apple Cake Recipe

Finally, the pile of apples we gathered the other day when we went apple picking is starting to look more reasonable! After a busy week of apple crisp, apple bread, apple butter, and apple pancakes, we’ve made an excellent dent in the bushels we had. I had fun trying out new recipes and old, and even had enough leftover to experiment with my own baking. To answer the pleas of my children for an apple cake, I decided that would be the one that I would try out: an apple cake recipe.

Making recipes, for me, is always a hit or miss. I do love to experiment, and I’m not very good at following recipes without tweaking a few things here and there.  Sometimes this has better results than other times.  I can recall days where I’ve slaved away in the kitchen for a couple of hours, noting ingredients and cook times and carefully recording them, only to end up with a final result that is bland or sub-par. It can be disappointing, but it’s part of the process.

I have two of the keenest judges there are to help me decide how this recipe turned out. My children can be picky eaters, and have no problem telling me when something is pretty bad. So as they waited with anticipation as the stove wafted out the scent of cooking apples, I crossed my fingers that they would like it. 

Hot Apple Cake Recipe

Not only was this a success, it was a smashing success. My youngest, who doesn’t like to eat much of anything besides junk, cried out to his brother “it’s SO good!” That’s the highest compliment of all, I must say.

The cake is based off a recipe that was in my grandmother’s collection, but I changed quite a few things on it, including adding the streusel topping. I love how it ends up layered: the apple layer on the bottom, followed by the cake, and topped with the streusel. Kind of like a mixture between apple cake and apple crisp. Whatever the case, it ended up a wonderful dish for us, and I hope you’ll like it too.  It’s a perfect fall dish, and even better when topped with cream or a whipped topping.  So here you are, my Hot Apple Cake recipe (below).  Enjoy!

~Mellie ★

Hot Apple Cake Recipe


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