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Rainbow Crochet Jars

Rainbow Crochet Jars

I made this pattern a long time ago when I wanted something to cover up my kitchen cleaning wipes.  But a few weeks ago, out of the blue, one of my friends mentioned that she saw some rainbow crochet mason jar cozies online somewhere, and could I make a couple for her?  And then, overhearing the conversation, another friend thought that was a fine idea and that she might like some as well.  So, I got out my cotton and looked up this old pattern again. 

Rainbow Crochet Jars

I had fun making these for my friends, and I loved how they turned out.  So much, in fact, that I decided that maybe my kitchen needed a few of these as well.  I have a decent sized collection of mason jars that I regularly use.  And then I thought, wouldn’t it be an even better idea to make cozies for the jars that aren’t as lovely as mason jars.  I’m talking about the pickle jars and the olive jars that all have labels that never completely come off.  The ones with these white paper tears that won’t come off no matter how hard I scrub them.  Or the jars with the label glue that is apparently not water soluble, counting from how many times I’ve run them through the dishwasher.  

Rainbow Crochet Jars

These are the jars, I decided, that need a coverup, as it were.  And so as of right now, I have a queue of patiently waiting jars lined up next to my crochet basket, waiting for some new clothes to get them back to work. 

Rainbow Crochet Jars

The pattern is very easy and can be modified with no problems.  I used a granny stitch for the quart jars and then an alternating [dc, ch1, sk1] for the pint and a half jars.  For the various sized ones I have, I’ll just fudge around with the foundation chain until I get it to fit well, and then start the pattern from there.  These work up quickly, and are a vary satisfying project for some instant gratification crochet. 

The free pattern is here, and it also includes my most favorite heart applique pattern as well.  <3

Rainbow Yarn

And on another unrelated, but still rainbow note, I was cleaning out another closet and came across this great yarn that I purchased a year or so ago before I moved (unpacking is like treasure hunting sometimes!)  I only have one skein in this dye lot of this Crystal Palace Sausalito yarn, so I’m trying to find the perfect project to make with it.  It’s a light fingering weight wool-blend yarn, so I’m thinking of something like maybe some  hand mitts?  A headband?  If you have any ideas, let me know in the comments.  Yarn this colorful doesn’t usually last too long around here!

 ~Mellie ★

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