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Crochet For Baby


crochet for baby -

Crochet seems like it always makes the perfect handmades for baby, doesn’t it? From baby blankets to booties, bonnets and little toys, crochet goes hand in hand with little ones.

That’s why I was so excited when I joined in another swap (this one in my local group of handicraft friends), and got a new mother as my giftee. Where to start? There are so many lovely items to crochet for baby.

crochet for baby -

I started off by finding out her little one’s name, and then came across photos of her nursery in her Facebook albums. From there, I thought a bunting for over baby Oliver’s bed would be a perfect fit.

For this pattern, I combined two patterns together and modified them slightly. For the letters, I used Moogly’s free crochet alphabet online. I added a slip stitch around the border of each letter as well, just to give a polished look to the edges. Then I made the triangles out of cream yearn, and outlined it with the same blue the letters were made with.

crochet for baby -

On a whim, I was looking around on my Pinterest pages and came across these cute granny star squares. So I thought that they would be a perfect accompaniment to the triangles in the banner. They turned out to go very well together, I think. And they were fun and so easy to make as well.

crochet for baby -

I put the bunting together and then thought to myself, wouldn’t it be nice to add a little something extra? And as I searched through some patterns, I came across these adorable crossover baby booties. It seemed like a perfect fit. These booties were incredibly fun to make up and it took no time at all. So now this crochet for baby is off to its new home to warm baby’s feet and hang over his bed.

crochet for baby -

Crochet for baby, perfect.  

~Mellie ★


Free pattern links I used in this post:

Moogy’s crochet alphabet

Granny stars

Crossover Baby Booties


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    1. Thanks Wendy!

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