September Crochet Along Squares

September Crochet Squares

Welcome October!  Even though the new month is just getting started, I have a whole bunch of squares to catch up on from the past few months over on the Block-a-Month Crochet Along Group on Ravelry.  I figured that I’d go ahead and start with the September crochet-along squares and then work my way back.  It’s been great fun catching up.  My first stop on this road trip that I’m taking was a good friend outside of Nashville.  I actually taught her to crochet several years ago and she took off with it, and now does several of her own patterns and commissions.  So we had a lot of fun making these squares up over wine on some rainy Tennessee evenings.  

The first square, I simply fell in love with!  The folksy, textured look of this square caught my eye and I liked it so much that I made up another one as soon as I finished the first.

September Crochet Squares
Esme’s Winter Cottage Crochet Square

The pattern is called Esme’s Winter Cottage Crochet Square.  You can click that link to be taken to the free pattern.  The pattern is done with a series of front posts and chains, and comes across kind of Fair Isle looking, like the big woolen sweaters that I wear on cold, snowy midwestern nights, when I’m inside with a mug of hot chocolate and warm blanket.  I suppose its name of Winter Cottage is fittingly appropriate. 

September Crochet Squares
Off-Kilter Afghan Block

The pattern that actually got me back on track after a crazy summer is this Off-Kilter Afghan Block by Joyce Lewis (click the link to the free pattern).  She contacted me and asked me if I wouldn’t mind making up a test pattern for her before the square was released, and I was happy to do so.  I wasn’t aware that it would be chosen for the BAMCAL for September, or I might have done it in my BAMCAL colors to start off with, but the fact that I didn’t gave me the opportunity to make the square up twice, which was enjoyable.  The colors below are from Vanna’s Choice yarn line, in goldfish, white, pea green (discontinued), baby aqua and fern green.  I love the combination.  I didn’t even realize until now how similar the goldfish color is to the persimmon color from Simply Soft in the square above.  I suppose I know what I like!  

September Crochet Squares
Off-Kilter Crochet Block (test version)
September Crochet Squares
Dahlia Burst Afghan Square

Finally, the 6-inch square of the month was the Dahlia Burst Afghan Square that can be found for free in the link.  I love how such a simple pattern can turn out to be so pretty.  These were a breeze to make up, and I had a lot of fun with the variations in color and how they all worked themselves together.  

I have yet to get my squares up on my Revelry page or in my gallery (which has also been woefully neglected), but I’m hoping to get all caught up here soon!

I’ll be back tomorrow with more of the BAMCAL squares that i’ve been working on to show you and share with you all!  Meanwhile, the October squares are up, so if you’re looking for some fun new squares to make or a crochet-along to join, head on over and check it out!  

~Mellie ★

I’m Back!

Well, how is it that almost three months have passed by so quickly? This summer caught me a bit off guard and really, everything slipped by so fast that I don’t even know what happened. I have a ton of emails and comments to get back to, and I promise I will be doing that this week, so please forgive me.

I’m also sorry that I wasn’t around when the Tropical Delight square was featured as the BAMCAL filler square for August. I’m so happy that so many of you visited me here and sent such kind messages. As for myself, I have a few months to catch up with the BAMCAL, and hopefully I’ll be getting around to doing that soon.

I don’t have much to show in the way of crochet that I did over the summer. I’ve been working on a few large projects that are not yet completed, but they will be soon. One square that I did complete though, was a beautiful square designed by Joyce Lewis, who let me test the square for her. This is called Off-Kilter Afghan Block by Joyce Lewis, and it’s a free pattern that you can find here on Ravelry:

Off Kilter Crochet Block
Off-Kilter Crochet Block

My busy summer hasn’t ended now that fall has come around either. The school year has started up, and I’m thankful that I’m homeschooling, because we’re going to be doing that on the road for a little while. Yes, we’re packing up and going on a little bit of a road trip soon. I’ve not yet homeschooled from the road yet, but I think we’ll be all right; we’ll just be changing our format from a little less structured curriculum to a little more physical experiences. There’s so much history and learning involved in travel that I think we’ll be able to make our lessons around that.

And don’t think that I won’t be crocheting along the way! In fact, the biggest bag that I have packed right now is filled with yarn, printed patterns, and everything I am hoping to finish these next few weeks. And without all the distractions around home, I am hoping to have a lot of projects done! It doesn’t hurt either, that I’m visiting my good friend who is also an avid crocheter. I have a feeling we’ll be spending some good time catching up over yarn and wine.

In the meantime, I want to thank you for checking back in. I’ll be updating my blog from the road, and I’ll also be uploading photos of my trip on Instagram, so if you’re not following me, you may want to vicariously travel and crochet along

~Mellie ★

Crochet Shawl

Crochet Shawl -

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me to make her up a crochet shawl that she could wear to her brother’s wedding.  It was taking place in northern Michigan, where temperatures could get chilly, and the dress she was planning to wear was sleeveless.  She selected the yarn color, and sent me a pattern, so I sat down to get to work.  

It wasn’t until after I started that I realized she had sent me a knit pattern instead of a crochet one.  That was a big problem, because while I can do some basic knitting, it’s definitely a project that would take me months, rather than mere weeks to make.  So I took the pattern and used it as a sort of inspiration piece (which I strayed drastically from) and made up a crochet shawl all my own!

Crochet Shawl -
To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever made a crochet shawl before, especially not without a pattern.  But it was so much fun to do.  Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of rows that I had to rip out that didn’t work for one reason or another, and I made extensive use of triple crochets in order to get the length done by the deadline she needed it for before the wedding.  To my surprise, the airy triples gave it a drape that is more common to knitting, without sacrificing warmth. 

I took notes as I went along on the back of scrap paper and envelopes that I had sitting around in case it turned out nice and I wanted to make it again.  I think that I wouldn’t mind at all having a version for myself.  So as I gather these messy notes together, I think I’ll make it into a pattern that will be free for all, in case anyone else wants to make one too.  So stay tuned in the next few weeks while I get that together!

Crochet Shawl -

Even though the wedding weekend turned out to be a warm one for her after all, my friend loves the shawl and got many compliments on it.  I can’t wait to make up another one for myself!

~Mellie ★

June Crochet Along Squares

Hello, June, and hello new monthly crochet squares.

The patterns selected for this month were fantastic, and I had a ton of fun making them.  The best part about them is that I made them all while outside sitting in the sunshine – such a nice break from the cold doldrums of winter!  I’m still unpacking from my move last fall (yes, it takes me that long to get myself together!), and the patio has taken a backseat to getting all the rooms together indoors.  But I have pulled out my patio table and some chairs and got an outdoor rug to put them all on.  My yard is teeming with ticks and poison ivy, and I’m still laying down grass seed to get to the bare spots growing.  It’s not exactly the lush garden of paradise that I was hoping it would be by now.  But I also have wild blackberries and grapes growing all over, and the mint and parsley that I planted last month are already thriving, so if nothing else, I’ll have some wonderfully scented fruit salad!  Anyway, I have plenty of time left this summer to get things together, and just being able to sit outside my door is a pleasure. 

june crochet along -
Fountain of Roses crochet square

I feel like the squares I made up for this month’s crochet along reflect the warm weather as well, with the warm floral colors I selected almost taking on a watermelon-like feel.  The Fountain of Roses crochet square (follow the link for the free Raverly download) is such a beautiful square.  I made it once before for the crochet-along last year, but I ended up liking this version so much better.  But it reminds me of a watermelons every time I look at it – the pink insides, the green skin, even the dark seeds!  Well, it’s fitting for the summer, isn’t it?

june crochet along -
The Rachel Block crochet square

The Rachel Block was the main square for June, and it was supposed to be a full 12″ square.  But the big center bloom looked so pretty that by the time I got to the square around it and found that it equaled 6″ exactly, I decided that I would leave it at that size and use it that way instead.  So many 6-inch blocks have a small motif in the center and rounds and rounds that outline it, but this great big blossom extends all the way to the lengths of the square instead, and I thought that was a nice change.  I was so happy with it that I ended up making a few mores too!

june crochet along -
Wrap Square

And finally, the six inch block for the month is this lovely little Wrap Square.  It’s a little hard to tell from the picture, but the petals aren’t in rounds; instead they wrap around in a spiral.  I used three different colors and even though I attached them properly, it still looks a bit like three separate rounds.  But it’s not.  I usually make a couple of the 6-inch squares each month, but with the three Rachel blocks, this singleton rounded out the bunch, and so I left it that way.  It certainly is lovely enough to stand on its own!

We’re halfway through the year with the 2015 Block-a-Month Crochet Along, but for those of you who have asked me about it, it’s never too late to join in.  The 18 squares that are left before the end of the year are plenty to have a decent-sized blanket ready for someone you love (or yourself!) by the holidays, so if you’ve been wanting to join in, by all means, jump right in!

~Mellie ★