WIP: Crochet Baby Blankets

It’s been so exciting to start crocheting baby blankets for this little one of mine on the way!  My Ravelry queue is filled with baby booties, newborn hats, and all sorts of infant projects.  But most of all, I’m excited to start making baby blankets!  Not only are baby blankets practical and beautiful, but they take so much less time than the full adult-sized afghans do to make.  I have so many lovely blanket patterns printed up and ready to make, but right now I’ve been just loving this Spring into Summer Baby Blanket pattern – and I have two versions going that prove that!

And I have to add as an aside, it’s such a fitting name for baby blankets for my babe, as I am making these at the exact time of the title – while we’re springing into summer. 

Spring into Summer Baby Blankets - mellieblossom.com
Spring into Summer Baby Blanket

There are so many reasons that I love this pattern.  First of all, I have so much variegated yarn that I hardly ever use.  Even though I’ve tried to incorporate them into squares and other projects, there just hasn’t been a time yet that I felt that it worked.  So I have a little bit of a stash buildup of these yarns.  Fortunately, the Spring into Summer Baby Blanket pattern is absolutely perfect for variegated yarn – in fact, it makes the whole pattern!

I also like that the pattern is simple.  One basic stitch, an increase and a decrease technique, and the whole pattern is down, and with stunning results as well.  I’ve taken these on long car rides, into waiting rooms, and other places where I don’t want to have to keep checking a pattern, round by round, but still want something to work on.  I love it.

I’m not the only one who loves it, either!  While I’ve started the blanket above for me to use, the Mr. has requested one of his own in more “fatherly” colors, and I’m happy to oblige.  So I have two lovely versions of this pattern going, and I’m enjoying every second of it. 

Spring into Summer Baby Blankets - mellieblossom.com
Spring into Summer Baby Blanket – Daddy’s version

The free pattern for Spring into Summer Baby Blanket is a Ravelry download and can be found here.  The yarn I used for the top version is Lion Brand’s Landscapes in Boardwalk, and the bottom version is made with Red Heart Boutique’s Unforgettable yarn in Echo.  I used a larger hook (5.50mm I hook) with the Landscapes and the suggested 4.00mm G hook with the Unforgettable.  Both baby blankets are turning out quite nicely in their own way.  I can’t wait to wrap my little one in this love!

Have a great weekend!

Demelza Crochet Blanket

Demelza showed up in the Ravelry patterns some time last week, and it seems to have caught the attention of crocheters everywhere – it certainly did me.  I was struck by the beautiful layout of the blanket as soon as I saw it, and the plethora of comments and adoration of other Ravellers showed that I was hardly the only one.

Demelza Crochet Blanket by Catherine Bligh
Demelza Crochet Blanket by Catherine Bligh

The blanket was named after and inspired by a character from the series Poldark, which I had never heard of before seeing the blanket.  So after downloading the free pattern, I looked around online to see if I could find the series.  It only seemed fitting for me to watch the show as I made the afghan.  While I wasn’t able to find a free stream of the series, I bought season 1 off of Amazon Prime Video and settled in with a pretty assortment of colors to start my foray into Poldark and Demelza.

Honestly, I had no idea what to expect from the series.  I admit I may be a little to “Americanized”, as I was expecting a British cinematic masterpiece like Downton AbbeyPoldark is much less about the fancy settings and much more focused on character development.  And while it’s not something I’m used to, the British shows I’ve seen have always been much better in this regard – I appreciate that while a lot of American shows spell things out in your face so that you’re 100% aware of what everything means, British shows are much more subtle and assume the audience can pick up on subtlety. 

Anyway though – back to the blanket!  Demelza has been fun to make so far.  I’ve made only a few modifications here and there and there has been a little bit of errata found (which has already been corrected in the pattern), but nothing serious enough that a little math couldn’t solve.  I’m using Caron Simply Soft yarn, as the suggested Stylecraft isn’t readily available here in the states.  And as the pattern is becoming more popular on Ravelry, crochet-alongs have begun to pop up, such as this one from Vanna’s Choice Fan Club.  

Demelza Blanket - mellieblossom.com
Demelza Blanket

My version is much less garden theme and more keeping with rich jewel tones, but I think it will turn out lovely nonetheless.  You can download the pattern free on Ravelry by following this link



The New Crochet Colors

I’m so excited about my new crochet colors!  I’ve been so slacking with the 2016 Block-a-Month Crochet-Along.  I’m usually checking Ravelry on the very first day of each month and excited to make the selections, but for the past few months I’ve been feeling really uninspired.  I had chosen my original colors at the beginning of the year, looking for a nice blanket to have at Christmastime for my new MIL, but the color combination, while beautiful, just wasn’t speaking to me.  So this month, in the middle of the year, I decided to start working with a whole new color scheme.  And I whipped up all three squares in my new crochet colors in just as many days.  Funny how color has so much influence over little things, doesn’t it?

I kept with the same yarn that I’ve always used for the bamcals, which is Caron Simply Soft.  I went through my board of color schemes on Pinterest and found a handful that I liked, and then narrowed it down from there to this color card from this website (in Russian).  I don’t usually use black as often as I’d like to, and the contrast between the flowery, analogous colors and the black intrigued me.  So I went about collecting my own version of the inspiration card into the following colors: black, harvest red, strawberry, melon and lemonade.  I added off-white as a second contrast color as well.

new crochet colors

I’m really happy with the way these turned out.  I didn’t use all the colors in the Picturesque square, and I think I kind of like that – rather than giving each square a sampling of each color, I’ll let the end result pull colors out from each other.  Usually I only do that with my 6″ squares (though in the four that I make, I use them all).  Anyway, it will be exciting to see how it turns out at the end of the year.

~ the May 2016 Squares in new crochet colors ~


Victor Crochet Square

Victor Crochet Square in new crochet colors - mellieblossom.com
Victor Crochet Square

This was the filler option for the bamcal, but I utilized all the colors in my scheme in this square, so I thought I’d share it first.  The pattern is Victor, by Polly Plum.  I have to insert here how much I love all of Polly Plum’s designs, and if you’re willing to spend a little bit of money on a quality product, check out her beautiful selection of crochet blocks.  As of right now, however, this square is offered free on her blog here

This was sort of my testing square, seeing how the colors worked together, how to arrange them so that they contrasted well.  I can’t photograph the color red to save my life, apparently, and I could have used a little less pink, but overall it seemed like a good starting off point for the new crochet colors. 


Picturesque Crochet Square

Picturesque Crochet Square in new crochet colors- mellieblossom.com
Picturesque Crochet Square

Melinda Miller is another great crochet designer, in my opinion, because her patterns are easy to make, but have stunning outcomes.  This one was no exception.  Picturesque has a fabulous center motif that is beautiful on its own, but is even more lovely in the square setting.  This is where I fell in love with my crochet colors.  The elimination of the pink and yellow left a striking black and white theme that is offset by the red and the melon.  I think these will be the main colors I work with for the rest of the year, leaving the other two as smaller accents only. 

This square is available as a free Ravelry download here.  And if you Melinda Miller’s patterns, she also has a Ravelry group where you can be updated on the latest ones coming out, as well as the crochet-alongs that she hosts fairly often. 


Picturesque Crochet Square - center motif in new crochet colors- mellieblossom.com
Picturesque Crochet Square – center motif


Gothic Crochet Square

Gothic Crochet Square in new crochet colors - mellieblossom.com
Gothic Crochet Square

And finally, the 6″ square for the May 2016 bamcal is the Gothic crochet square.  I enjoyed sampling out the colors with the black (stained glass-looking) outline designed by the pattern and seeing how the different color combinations worked together.  While I think I’ll still stay with the main four I outlined above, it was good to see the other two colors in relationship to the overall scheme.  You can find this pattern here in the archives of the internet for free

We’ll see how things go for the June squares, but I’m pleased with my new crochet colors and I’m hoping I’ll stay just as inspired for the rest of the year. 

Have a great Monday!



The Dr. Who Crochet Scarf

The Dr. Who crochet scarf has become my de facto gift for men in the past year, it seems!  Lucky for me, too, because this scarf is as basic crochet as you can get.  And even though it’s long – 12 feet, to be exact, it’s incredibly simple to make, and everyone whom I’ve given one to has been thrilled with it. 

Dr. Who Crochet Scarf

The first time I made this scarf was as a Christmas present two years ago.  I thought I would make it more “knit-looking” by using a 4.00 G hook and using single crochet all the way through.  My advice – don’t do this!  It took literally months to make, with me working on it an hour or so each day.  True, the results were stunning, but the relative ease of using a 5.50 I hook and half-double crochet stitches of this particular one was so much more satisfying.  Rather than months, this scarf took just a little over a week to make, and it worked up quickly. 

I used Caron Simply Soft yarn, because I wanted the scarf to have a decent drape to it, which I wasn’t sure I would achieve with a worsted weight yarn. 

Colors Used:
  • plum perfect
  • autumn red
  • chocolate
  • bone
  • autumn maize
  • charcoal heather
  • forest floor

The forest floor color is discontinued.  I found a big of it in the mill ends section of my local yarn store and was fortunate to have enough to finish the scarf.   Another alternative for forest floor would be to use dark sage.


Dr. Who Crochet Scarf - mellieblossom.com

There are several different patterns online for the scarf, some with varying colors, so there’s a lot of options for anyone who would want to make one of these.  It’s even simpler in that the patterns I’ve found have all been in inches.  So there’s no real need to count rows, all I used was a ruler.  The width of the scarf is 11″, but I made mine a full foot long, just because the winters up here are extra chilly.  I used a foundation chain of 40 with the I hook, and then did 39 stitches in each row.

Dr Who Fourth Doctor

The link to the particular pattern for the Dr. Who crochet scarf that I used can be found all the way at the bottom of this page here.  Even though it’s technically a knitting pattern, it’s so easily interchangeable that it could be used as a basis for any Dr. Who scarf project. There are also tons of other scarves for inspiration as well (pictures, not patterns), and a decent chunk of eye candy to go along with them!

Dr. Who Crochet Scarf - mellieblossom.com

I would definitely make this scarf again.  If there’s a Whovian that you love, this Dr. Who crochet scarf is a gift that I think they would be proud to wear.  And it’s a great pattern to sit back and work on while watching Netflix or chatting with friends. 

Have a great weekend!