WIP Saturday: Crochet Rainbow Hearts


My lovely crochet rainbow hearts!  This one is coming along.   I started this around Valentine’s Day of this year and have been slowly pumping out a few every week.  This is the project that I like to slip into my purse when taking my kids to the playground or if I know I’ll be waiting in line somewhere, because the hearts are small and relatively simple.


Crochet Rainbow Hearts

I use a lot of acrylic for my projects, because – well, as a mother of two boys, most stuff around here needs to be machine washable.  I also have a little one who is very sensitive to the itchiness of wool, too.  And while I adore natural fibers, above all things have to be functional here.  But there are a few projects that I make with myself in mind, little treasures that I keep.  And this is one of them.  Not to mention, I am in love with the yarn.  It’s the Chroma Worsted line from KnitPicks in “Lollipop”.

Crochet Rainbow Hearts

Crochet Rainbow Hearts

The pattern is a $4 Ravelry download with lots of pictures and a very easy, step-by-step tutorial, great for beginners and experienced crocheters alike.  If I keep going at the pace I’m going, maybe I’ll have mine done by Valentine’s Day of next year!




  1. The chroma is looking really good in these hearts :)

    • mellie

      Thanks Casey! It’s my first time working with it… a good project to start with!

  2. Leslie

    Have you finished the blanket? I’d love to see a picture of it. I made a zillion hearts a few years ago and gave away to friends at Valetines.

    • I haven’t! But I need to :) I’m so bad at finishing some of the bigger projects because I start so many new things :) I think I’ll pull it out and work on it some more, and I’ll definitely update!

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