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Crochet Along – 6 Inch Crochet Squares

I meant to get this up  on Tuesday, so I’m a few days late, but better late than never, right?  Anyway, Monday I shared the large squares from the 2016 Block-a-Month Crochet-Along on Ravelry that I made in my new updated colors.  Today I’ll share the 6 inch crochet squares. 

If you’re unfamiliar with how the bamcal works, each month, two larger squares are selected for the group to make – one by the moderators and one voted on by the group.  There’s also one six-inch square that’s selected that you have the option of making.  I usually  make four.  For the first couple of crochet-alongs, I joined all four to make another 12″ square, but in the subsequent CALs I decided to randomly place them throughout the blanket.  So I still make four, but I no longer join them until the final piecing.

2016 Crochet Along Squares - Sweet Daisy Crochet Squares -
Sweet Daisy Crochet Squares

This is the Sweet Daisy Square, from April.  There are a lot of pretty variations of this square, and I think it would be lovely in some floral colors, but it was still fun to make with this current color scheme I have goiing.  Lots of puffs and separate leaves, it makes a decently solid square.Please note that this square was available for free at the time of the crochet-along selection, but it’s now a paid pattern, and you can find the download pattern here.

2016 Crochet Along Squares - Lest We Forget Crochet Square -
Lest We Forget Crochet Squares

Lest We Forget Square was the 6″ selection for July.  I didn’t think that I would love this square as much I as I do, by the time I was done making it, it was on my list of top favorite 6″ squares.  I love the poppy motif.  Here is a link to the pattern download page.  and the Ravelry pattern link page is here.  There is a very detailed, step-by-step picture tutorial for making this, so it’s a great square for newer crocheters.

2016 Crochet Along Squares - Lest We Forget Crochet Square: Detail -
Here Lest We Forget Crochet Square (detail)

Rather than leave the four squares separate, I decided to do something a little different with them this time.  Since my final squares are in multiples of 3″ (for easy piecing), I decided to piece two of the squares together and then add some stitching along one side to bring it up to a 6 x 9″ rectangle.  I used a simple repeating V-stitch (dc, ch1, dc, sk2) all the way across.  Even though I don’t know yet how the final blanket will end up (I usually do that more toward November), I think having some variety like this will be fun.

2016 Crochet Along Squares - Petal Patch Squares -
Petal Patch Crochet Squares

And finally, the Petal Patch squares were the June 6″ selection.  They are relatively simple to make and ended up quite lovely.  The pattern link can be found here to the pattern, and here is the Ravelry page.

That’s it for the squares I’ve caught up with (both making and photographing!) but there is still lots more to come!  I still have a lot of work I want to get done before this little girl of mine decides to make her appearance! Stay tuned!



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