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County Fair Afghan

County Fair Afghan

For three years, I wanted to put a crocheted afghan in the county fair.  I wanted it to be beautiful, an afghan that I worked very hard at and that was challenging enough for me to feel like I really earned it.  One day, while browsing about the crochet books at Joann’s, I fell in love with this knitted afghan: 

  County Fair Afghan

Now to be honest, I am a very novice knitter – I can knit and purl, but am no where near the level of this afghan (it’s on my to-learn list!  Someday!), but the pattern kept creeping back into my mind, so I went back a few weeks later and bought the book (Herrschener’s More Blue Ribbon Afghans).  Since I had the book, I thought I would browse through and try out some of the crochet patterns as well.  I must have been so overwhelmed by the knitted throw that I had not realized how beautiful some of the crocheted ones were.  And right then, I decided that I’d crochet one of them and submit it to the county fair.  So I headed back to Joann’s; bought some yarn and started on the first pattern in the book.  (And yes, this is also the same book that features the Eve’s Coverlet pattern that I made for the carrots swap last year; this pattern is called Tropical Delight )

County Fair Afghan

 That was three years ago.  Each January, I pick up the project again and think to myself: I’d really like to have this finished by this year’s county fair.  And each year I start to panic right around the June mark (the fair is in August) and think: oh no! I’m running out of time! and end up putting the whole thing aside with thoughts of how I’ll finish it over the winter and be ready come the next fair.  Ha.  Well, here it is, June again, and I have a whole bunch of centers finished and am nowhere near putting the whole thing together, much less make the complicated border.  So here I go again, starting to frantically whip up squares and counting down the days, trying to figure if I have enough time to finish these up.  

So I’m posting this here in hopes that having it out there will help motivate me to finish this up and get it into the fair in time.  Here’s my Ravelry project page, which I’ll keep updated with my progress.  Give me your encouragement, because I have a long way to go!

~Mellie โ˜…

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  1. JoAnn says:

    Mellie, these are beautiful! I really hope you finish your afghan in time, I’m sure you’ll win a ribbon. JoAnn

  2. Kris says:

    Great start! Don’t give up! :)

  3. You can do it! You’ve gotten to far to quit now!!!!

  4. Marny CA says:

    Ok … finally clicked on the title – and Voila! the pattern! Sheez! Gotta be an easier way for those of us who aren’t as up on the fine art of technology and only want to crochet one block ’cause it’s beautiful.

  5. Ginny White says:

    have to ask I am a left handed crochet person I tried round 2 with the way it is written I can not figure out how to do this round as a left handed person any ideas !

    1. That’s a really good question, and I’m not sure that I have a good answer. The best I can come up with is to reverse the direction that the petals go. Bascially, you can do the dc for the petals – work it into the previous petal, and then secure it behind where you’ll start the next petal. If that’s not at all clear (which is probably the case), let me know, and I’ll see if I can find a LH crocheter to help out with more precise directions.

  6. Where is the pattern?ยฟ?? I have looked everywhere and I can’t find it!!!! Revelry and your post and other people’s posts and still nothing!!!!

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