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Crochet Along Squares

So it’s been weeks since I updated on the Crochet Sampler Favorites crochet along squares, and it was one of my crochet goals for the other week before life got a little crazy.  But I have indeed caught up on most of the squares, except for the latest one (which I hope to work on later today).  This is an open crochet-along on Ravelry, so if you’re looking to join in, you can jump in at any time.  Crochet Along Squares

So to start off with, this one above is one of my favorites from the crochet-along so far.  This is Yarn Clouds, a really easy pattern with some stunning results.  The free pattern can be found here.  Shown below is Heat Wave Square, and the free pattern for this one can be found here.  I’ve altered these squares just a little to fit 10″, because that’s the size that my squares for this crochet-along are.  Once I get the hang of a pattern, it becomes easy to see the direction and intention of the pattern and to follow that out.  Like for the Heat Wave square, I repeated the pattern in the outer rows twice.  It’s a little different from the pattern, but I think it holds true to the concept.  Likewise with Yarn Clouds, there’s some extra “clouds” and I eliminated the outer rows.  But I do love the outcome for both of them.  

Crochet Along Squares

Crochet Along Squares

Mum’s the Word is the name of this next square.  I had a lot of fun with color placement on this.  Most of the projects I looked at for this pattern had the center mum in a single color, and it really looks lovely.  Changing the colors of the mum to go from light to dark really changed the whole look of the square.  Color placement is so enjoyable for me to plan out.  Even when it doesn’t end up exactly what I was intending, I still find it to be so interesting to see how it draws your attention from one area to another.  Anyway, the free pattern for this square is found here.  I used a smaller hook with it, and I think it looks a bit cramped compared to the original pattern (again, I did that to get the square to be 10″).  Again, little changes make very different results. 

Crochet Along Squares

Here is the Versailles Square.  I love this square, even though the original pattern called for a few more rounds with the circles.  I think without those extra rounds, this looks a little less magnificent like Versaille and a little more organic like garden buds, especially with the center looking more floral than sun-like.  I’ve always been more of a down-home kind of girl rather than a princess anyway.  This pattern is a free Ravelry download and can be found here

Crochet Along Squares And finally, Merrian’s Square.  This was SUCH a fun square to make.  I absolutely fell in love with it.  I’ll admit I had to play around with the first few rounds to get the color layout the way I wanted it but I love the way the beige single-crochet rounds look like little dotted lines that sparkle in the color blocks.  And easy to make, too.  The free pattern is here, and as the author says, is “very forgiving”. 

All these squares were made with Vanna’s Choice yarn, a worsted-weight acrylic, and one of my favorite go-to yarns (with no dye lot to speak of, hooray!).  The colors are beige, scarlet, terra cotta, mustard, magenta and eggplant.  I’ve written before how much I love this color palette, and each time I make a new square with it, I fall in love with it all over again.  Now I’ve got only one more square to catch up on for this crochet-along, and I’m planning on working on it today.  Here’s a sneak peak of the pattern if you’re interested.

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Until the next time,

~Mellie ★

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