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crochet in pink and blue

You know you have too many unfinished projects when you remember them by their colors rather than their names. Hence: Crochet in pink and blue.

I have been trying so hard to fit a little bit of crochet in here and there. My little Alice is turning one in a couple of weeks, and has started becoming a lot more independent. This has been wonderful, because she is just happy as can be sitting next to me playing with my yarn while I work on some projects (but we won’t talk about the knots and tangles in my skeins that she leaves behind. Still worth it!)

At the same time, my much older preteen boys are getting more into activities that have me driving them all over the place and waiting through their classes and such. Fortunately, this has ended up giving me a bit of the free time I’ve been craving for the past couple of years to get some catching up done. And while I’ve worked on squares, mainly because they’re usually an easy project to start and finish (which I need right now in order to feel at least a little productive), I’ve been going back and forth over the past four years or so through the different bamcal crochet-alongs, and doing a little of this and a little of that.

This set of squares is from the 2018 Block-a-Month crochet-along on Ravelry, which I dubbed my “crochet in pink and blue” due to getting a little confused on all the different color schemes I have for the squares I’m working on. Ironically, few of the colors are actually pink or blue. This is Caron Simply Soft yarn in light country peach, white, blue mint, plum wine, robins egg, and soft green. But “pink and blue” get the point across well enough for me to remember, so there it is.

Passion Flower Crochet Square

Crochet in pink and blue: Passion Flower Crochet Square -

Here’s one of the first that I did, mainly because I wanted to do something interesting, full of colors and textures, and this square surely delivered on that. Passion Flower is pretty, and the decorative border with the alternating colors is just really fun.

Passion Flower can be found free online by following this link. And while you’re there, check out some of the other patterns, some of them are quite beautiful.

Audrey Crochet Square

Crochet in pink and blue: Audrey Crochet Square -

This square is called Audrey, and I love it because it’s simple and classic, which is what I usually think of when I hear the name Audrey.

I have no idea if this is what the designer had in mind when naming this square, but it came out quite lovely, and worked up in no time at all. Audrey can be found as a free Ravelry download (at time of post!) at this link here.

Just Peachy Crochet Square

Crochet in pink and blue: Just Peachy Crochet Square -

Just Peachy was one of those squares that I printed out the pattern to take to me to one of the boys’ classes when I realized, while gathering the yarn, that I had already made up the squares, probably a couple of years ago. And then I found that I had already photographed them and they were in my computer. Go figure. So while these weren’t in my current creations, they’re still here to share! Because this square is really beautiful. Feminine, flowery and just overall well designed, I really love this square and plan to make more of them one day. Just Peachy Blossom can be found for free on Ravelry.

Away with the Fairies Crochet Square

Crochet in pink and blue: Away with the Fairies Crochet Square -

Finally, Away with the Fairies was another square that I had started the central motif on and then left sitting around for a good year and a half. When I got around to finishing it up, the square was a bit wonky in that it wasn’t sitting right, but I didn’t want to tear out yarn when it had been so long since I last worked on it (and didn’t really remember how the pattern went or what modifications I might have made however long ago), so I worked with it a bit to get the lines straight. There are a couple of extra rows and that brought my usual 9″ square (because of my preference for a smaller hook and sport weight yarn for these types of squares) to a 12″. But in the end, I think it came out okay.

Away with the Fairies was designed for the May 2018 square, and is so fitting with the mushroom circle, and May being the supposed month of the fairies. And very fitting that I also finished it up in May, a full year later. Away with the Fairies is another free Ravelry download found at this link.

Until the next time,

~mellie ★

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