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Crochet Minions Blanket

I have a confession – I’ve never seen any of the Minion movies.  I’m sort of in the movie dark ages; there are so many classic movies that pretty much everyone has seen but me (Harry Potter, any James Bond, even Goonies).  I have a few people in my life who were horrified to hear that and are working on remedying that problem, though!   But back to the Minion movies, Despicable Me and its sequels – even though I’ve never actually seen the movie, it’s impossible to not know Minions.  I see them everywhere, and my kids even have a pair of Minion shoes each!

Crochet Minions Blanket -

Anyway, I’d seen a few interpretations of a beautiful crochet minions blanket on Pinterest and Ravelry, and admired them.  But it wasn’t until a friend contacted me about making a couple of minion baby blankets for her that I actually had to look up a few of who these guys are!  She sent me a photo of the style she wanted, and I searched around the internet and couldn’t find a pattern.  So I made it up as I went along.  Halfway through my project, I did eventually come upon the exact pattern on Ravelry that I had originally been looking for, but by then I was mostly done with the blanket.  The pattern is for sale on Ravelry here

Crochet Minions Blanket -

My variation differed somewhat, but I enjoyed the flexibility of the pattern and the relatively simple piecework (rectangles, circles, and sewing squares together).  It was a good project to work on during the down times of my vacation while being placed in front of a television set with another classic movie that I had yet to see.  And by the time the pattern came fully together, I was happy with the way it turned out. 

Crochet Minions Blanket -

And the blankets were also well received.  I’d call that a happy ending, wouldn’t you?

~Mellie โ˜…


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  1. I love your Minion blanket. Minions are the best ;)

  2. Mary Bishop says:

    Hello Mellie, I just came across your blog about the beautiful flower blanket you made awhile back using Vanna’s Choice Pea Green. I am currently make Daisy Blanket using a Vanna’s pattern and yarn. My problem is that when I purchased the pattern I was not aware that some of the colors had been discontinued. You had mentioned in your post that you were going to stock up on Pea Green and I would like to know if you have any skeins that you would be willing to sell me. I hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you.
    Mary Bishop

    1. Hi Mary, I don’t have any extra skeins right now; I’m working on a project using the ones I purchased. If, however, I finish with leftover yarn, I’ll definitely let you know. In the meantime, check out some of the stashes on Ravelry – there are a few that are for sale:–twists/stashes?status=&cf=%3F&photoless=0&search=pea+green. I also found this closeout sale: Good luck!

      1. Mary Bishop says:

        Hello Mellie, Thank you for responding to my question. Your tip on how I might complete “my mission” is greatly appreciated. Thank you again.

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