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Crochet Owl Cocoon for Alice

So in case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been lately, I went and had myself another beautiful baby!  This is my sweet newborn, Alice Rose, posing wonderfully for the camera in this lovely crochet owl cocoon set that I made for her.  Isn’t it the cutest thing? (Almost as cute as she is… almost!)

Crochet Owl Cocoon -

I’m so in love with her – we all are.  Her big sister is learning to adapt better than we thought, which was a concern, because she’s been mama’s little girl since day one.  But things have gone on relatively smoothly. 

Of course, there are a few things that I’m still learning.  Figuring out the best way to grocery shop with four kids, including one curious toddler and one newborn, for example, has been a bit challenging!  But I have no doubt that I’ll figure something out eventually.  I hope. 

Crochet Owl Cocoon -

Anyway, the crochet owl cocoon and hat was such a cute photo prop that I couldn’t resist making one for Alice.  All things considered, it was quick to make, too.  The pattern can be found as a Ravelry download, and has a price of $2.95 as of the time of this posting.  The pattern is very clear and has a lot of photos.  And who doesn’t love a crochet owl?  It’s classic crochet.

I did do a few things differently than suggested though.  The first thing I did was alter the way the crocodile stitches were made.  Rather than go through some of the more complex back post steps to making the crocodile stitch, I simply changed the direction of the way I crocheted in order to make them.  So rather than going from left to right, like one would usually do following a pattern, after I made the round of dc stitches, I turned the cocoon upside down and went from left to right that way, making regular dc stitches up and down the posts (so 5 dc down one, and 5 dc up the other).  And in between, I added picots for some pointier tips (3 sc, and then a sl st in the 3rd sc).  The stitches turned out quite textured, but I like it, and with some blocking would lie more flat, I think.  But I like the fluffiness of it right now. 

Crochet Owl Cocoon -

And look how cute this crochet owl hat fits my little love.  She snuggled right up into this and fell asleep, so I think I would call this project a success. 

Since Alice is my fourth, and likely last baby, I’ve been taking so much extra time to really enjoy these first few baby months with her.  They go by so quickly, and it’s so easy to forget how little they are and how fast they grow.  I’ve been maximizing cuddle time and enjoying that baby smell and the soft baby skin, and the way that babies just sink into their mothers.  It is such a precious time, and I’m so grateful for another little one to snuggle and hold. 

I hope your summer is going just as happily as mine!


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  1. Maryfairy says:

    Congratulations Mellie, What a beautiful baby girl to add to your family. 4 is a good number. That is where I stopped:)

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