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Delicious Crochet Cupcakes

Crochet Cupcakes

First off, I want to apologize to anyone who’s had trouble accessing this site lately.  I upgraded my servers yesterday, so there shouldn’t be any more loading problems.  If there are, please let me know!  And a big thank you to all of you who keep coming back, I’m so appreciative of all your emails and comments and views!

Crochet Cupcakes

And now on to… cupcakes!  What better way to start the year than to crochet cupcakes – and a bunch of them at that!  These aren’t actually for me, a friend of mine wanted some for her daughter, but I was happy to oblige.  After all of the hard work I put into these long-term Christmas projects that took months to finish up, it was a nice break to start and finish a project within a day or so.    Plus they are so cute! 

Crochet Cupcakes

I actually tried a few patterns out before finding one that I liked, and I had a trail of what looked like half eaten cupcakes with the ones that didn’t.  The pattern that I ened up liking and utilizing is this Quick Cupcake pattern, which is free and turned out perfect. 

Crochet Cupcakes

They’ll be going out in the mail today and I hope they provide as much fun as I had making them!

~Mellie ★

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