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The Dr. Who Crochet Scarf

The Dr. Who crochet scarf has become my de facto gift for men in the past year, it seems!  Lucky for me, too, because this scarf is as basic crochet as you can get.  And even though it’s long – 12 feet, to be exact, it’s incredibly simple to make, and everyone whom I’ve given one to has been thrilled with it. 

Dr. Who Crochet Scarf

The first time I made this scarf was as a Christmas present two years ago.  I thought I would make it more “knit-looking” by using a 4.00 G hook and using single crochet all the way through.  My advice – don’t do this!  It took literally months to make, with me working on it an hour or so each day.  True, the results were stunning, but the relative ease of using a 5.50 I hook and half-double crochet stitches of this particular one was so much more satisfying.  Rather than months, this scarf took just a little over a week to make, and it worked up quickly. 

I used Caron Simply Soft yarn, because I wanted the scarf to have a decent drape to it, which I wasn’t sure I would achieve with a worsted weight yarn. 

Colors Used:
  • plum perfect
  • autumn red
  • chocolate
  • bone
  • autumn maize
  • charcoal heather
  • forest floor

The forest floor color is discontinued.  I found a big of it in the mill ends section of my local yarn store and was fortunate to have enough to finish the scarf.   Another alternative for forest floor would be to use dark sage.


Dr. Who Crochet Scarf -

There are several different patterns online for the scarf, some with varying colors, so there’s a lot of options for anyone who would want to make one of these.  It’s even simpler in that the patterns I’ve found have all been in inches.  So there’s no real need to count rows, all I used was a ruler.  The width of the scarf is 11″, but I made mine a full foot long, just because the winters up here are extra chilly.  I used a foundation chain of 40 with the I hook, and then did 39 stitches in each row.

Dr Who Fourth Doctor

The link to the particular pattern for the Dr. Who crochet scarf that I used can be found all the way at the bottom of this page here.  Even though it’s technically a knitting pattern, it’s so easily interchangeable that it could be used as a basis for any Dr. Who scarf project. There are also tons of other scarves for inspiration as well (pictures, not patterns), and a decent chunk of eye candy to go along with them!

Dr. Who Crochet Scarf -

I would definitely make this scarf again.  If there’s a Whovian that you love, this Dr. Who crochet scarf is a gift that I think they would be proud to wear.  And it’s a great pattern to sit back and work on while watching Netflix or chatting with friends. 

Have a great weekend!


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