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January Thaw

January Thaw

Thanks everyone who participated in my yarn giveaway / de-stashing.  I still have some yarn that I plan to part with in future giveaways, but I need to take a little break here.  Shipping costs for some of you got to be pretty high, especially with after-Christmas expenses.  Sometimes I think it cost more to ship them out than it did to actually purchase them!  But I’ve had a lot of fun, and my yarn stash is MUCH more manageable now.  I just need to stick to (one of my many) new year’s resolutions: not to buy any yarn that I don’t need.  Need in this case, meaning to be used immediately in an ongoing project.

And I have many, many, many works in progress right now.  More than enough to keep me busy for the year.  It’s an awfully lofty resolution, but my goal is to have twelve *completed* afghans by the end of the year.  I originally thought I’d aim for one a month, but a year seems much more reasonable to get it all finished by.  Right?

Anyway, we have a mini heat wave going on today (it’s in the 40s!) and the boys and I are headed out into nature to enjoy the melting snow and temperatures that feel almost balmy after the week we had.  I have some yarn tucked away to work on while they play and hopefully I’ll get that big dose of sunshine I’ve been craving.

Have a great weekend, and stop by Monday to see what great project I’ve been working on so intently for the past few days!

~ Mellie ★


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  1. Just received my package in the mail today and did not expect it (knowing that you had been ill) for another month so I was totally surprised. Thank you so much. Since my hubby is still recouperating it will make wonderful slippers for him. Thank you again.
    Tammye Green

    1. So glad it got there safely! And I’m also glad that neglected yarn will be getting some love! :)

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