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Crochet-Along Update

So after all my talk of the new BAMCAL, I haven’t even shown you my squares yet!

It is a little disappointing how the colors turned out.  I am photographing in dull, grey light and it really shows in the photos.  The colors in person are so much more vibrant and rich.  I think once we do get some sun again, I’ll be re-taking these photos so that they’re more true-to-life color.  In the meantime, though, I can only work with what I’ve got!

So here are the three squares for January.  The first is “Lemony-Lime Citrus Square” by SmoothFox.  The free pattern can be found here, and my Ravelry project page is here.

  Crochet-Along Update The second is the filler square, the 12” square that the group nominates and votes on making each month.   The vote went for Shan Sevcik’s “Frostbloom” square, which is a free Ravelry download, with my project page here.  There’s some nice texture in this square, it was fun to make!

Crochet-Along Update

Crochet-Along Update

The final square is the 6” square, of which I usually make four (totally overachieving for no good reason except to have more options in the final putting together of the afghan).  This square, called “Easy Daisy” is a free pattern that can be found here, and was lots of fun to make.  I’ve always been a daisy lover, these are just an overall happy square to make.   My Ravelry project page is here.

Crochet-Along Update

Crochet-Along Update

The yarn I’m using for this year’s BAMCAL, like last year, is Caron’s Simply Soft line.  The colors are passion (which is the magenta color), Kelly green, limelight, black, and turquoise (I think this has a different name, as I pulled it out of my stash, but it’s definitely turquoise!)  Sometime in mid-December, my sister stopped over to visit and I had these colors that I was playing with and considering using; I was making up a small granny square to see how they worked together.  My sister instantly saw it and fell in love with the color scheme (even requesting the granny square!) and I decided right then that I would make the afghan in these colors and then give the final blanket to her for Christmas next year.  The bright jewel tones totally reflect her personality, and I think she’ll love it as much as I have fun making it.

There’s still plenty of time to join in if you’re looking for a good crochet-along this year.  Details can be found on the Ravelry group board here.  I’m looking forward to starting February’s squares already!

~ Mellie ★

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  1. love the color combinations it is going to be gorgeous. Can’t wait to see the finished project.

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