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A Little Update!

… has it really been two months since I last updated here?  

I faced a little bit of a health crisis, which is fully under control now, and I’m feeling great, but it definitely knocked me off of my feet for a couple of months.  And of course, getting sick coincided perfectly with moving into my new home.  Doesn’t it always work out like that?  It took a little bit of time for me to get settled in, feeling better, and back on track.  My crochet work sat on the back burner for a few weeks – oh, how I was itching to pick it up again!  I’m still settling in, but I’m excited to pick up where I’ve left on (on several projects) – and I’m also looking ahead to Christmas, one of my favorite times of the year.  I can’t wait to piece together some of these afghans that I’ve been planning to give for the holidays.

I also have plenty of new recipes to share with you – my new kitchen is so dreamy, I just love being in it.  Plus, all the summer harvests that are going on now make everything taste even better than usual!  I’ll be back here on Monday with a full update and some projects to share with you.  Thanks for your continued support and all your kind messages!

~Mellie ★


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