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New Year, New Crochet Along!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the holiday madness, isn’t it? I’ve had so much to share and talk about here, and I’ve barely stopped in. I don’t even know where the past month went.

I guess the biggest thing that I wanted to share is my completed crochet-along blanket. This is the Block-a-Month Crochet Along group from 2014. There are a couple of blocks in here that weren’t a part of the CAL, like the mandala centerpiece and the granny squares, but it’s mostly a conglomerate of the CAL squares.

Crochet Along blanket -  

This was meant to be a Christmas gift for my little sister when she fell in love with the colors that I was experimenting with last December while deciding on the colors of the year. They fit her personality perfectly. I was rushing there for the week before xmas though, trying to get everything put together perfectly and getting a quick border on there. But I did it!

  Crochet Along blanket -

The purple afghan that was meant for my mother was in no way ready to go and I decided rather than make myself crazy trying to whip up a good dozen squares or so in a week that I would just put it off for next year. That will give me plenty of time to get it together. Instead, I made her an infinity scarf and a pair of slippers that I’m just now realizing that I never got a photo of.

Anyway, I’m in the process of gathering together and labeling all the squares you see in this blanket so I can have them all in one spot. I will definitely update when that is done, along with all the other details of this blanket.

In the meantime, happy new year! January 1st, 2015 means a whole new Block-a-Month Crochet-Along group over on Ravelry for 2015! If you’ve ever wanted to join in one, now’s your chance. It’s a perfect group for all levels of experience and there is tons of help, ideas and other tips.

  crochet along -

I was having some trouble choosing colors for this year, but I opened up Pinterst yesterday and saw this lovely color scheme and fell in love with it immediately. So these will be my colors for this year’s BAMCAL for me, and look how nice they go together!

Have a very happy new year to everyone! I hope this is the best year yet!

~Mellie ★

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  1. Nathalie says:

    Dear Mellie Blossom,

    I totally love the Afghan you made for your sister in 2014. The colour scheme is both amazing and mesmerizing!

    I have a few questions for you though, because I could not find the patterns you have used for the left 12” square and the 6” squares right above and beneath it. Could you tell me which one those are?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Nathalie, and thanks! I’m actually planning to put together a more thorough post with a link to every square pattern that I used in this blanket some time in the near future. For now, I think you’re referring to the Grandma’s Heart Square: and the Precious Square: and the Four Diamond Granny Square: Thanks for letting me know that I don’t have these in my projects too! I’ll be sure to update it.

  2. nangreenlay says:

    Hello Mellie,
    Thanks so much for sharing your tropical delight tutorial!

    1. You’re welcome! :)

  3. I loooove that blanket you made your sister and was wondering if you had tutorials, for the squares you used, up on your site or ravelry?

    1. Hi Holly!

      I’m actually in the process of making up a diagram with all the squares and links to them all! In the meantime, for step-by-step photographic tutorials, you can check out the discussion section of the 2014 Block-a-Month Crochet-Along group on Ravelry. If you go to each thread for the monthly squares, there are photo tutorials usually within the first or second page of each thread.

      Hope this helps!

  4. Elmarie Kolb says:

    I would also love to get hold of the completed post with diagram and pattern links. Will it be posted on Ravelry or how will we know when it’s done?

    1. Hi Elmarie! I’m working on it! There were a couple of patterns that I made toward the end in a rush that I didn’t write down, so I’ve been working on tracking them down, but it’s definitely something that is in progress!

      1. Elmarie Kolb says:

        Fantastic :-). How will we know when it is available?

  5. Karin Arrenius says:

    I love this blanket!! It would be a nice project this year. Please give me a note when the whole pattern is availible!

  6. Teresa Meyers says:

    Hi Mellie,
    I think the blanket you made for your Sister is gorgeous. Omg I have looked at the afghan 10 times a day for a week. It is waking me up thinking about it. Those are my favorite colors and it is amazing. I’m wondering if you finished the diagram yet and if you have a pattern. It looks like what I am reading is from awhile ago so hoping that you have finished it all. I will buy it if you do. You are amazing and have such incredible talent :)

    1. Oh wow, thank you so much! I had forgotten all about the chart, but I’ll be sure to work on it this week and see if I can’t have it all up for you by next week sometime! Thanks again for your kind words :)

  7. Justine says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous!! Did you post a pattern or chart somewhere yet? I can’t find it. Again…gorgeous!!

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