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Week Gone

I can’t believe that these past couple of weeks came and went so quickly!  I didn’t mean to be MIA, in fact, I can barely believe that time has the ability to go so fast!  Things have been a little hectic here, obviously.  Isn’t it funny how you can be sitting at home for weeks on end through a long, drawn out winter, and then all of a sudden, you’re packing, traveling, seeing others off, and running about like a chicken with its head cut off (to steal an expression from my Nana).  Anyway… bear with me as I get settled in again!

Last week, throughout all the craziness, I downloaded the book Gone Girl for something to occupy me while I crocheted.  Yes, I’m still trying to master the art of reading while crocheting.  It’s not always feasible, but I find when I’m doing something simple like granny squares (for the Red Heart Crochet-Along ),  I can feel my way around while I read – so long as the reading is propped up in front of me.  It’s kind of a strange setup, and I definitely read much slower when I multi-task, but it was an entertaining book and I finished the entire thing in less than a week. (Maybe that’s one of the reasons it went by so quickly!)  Suggestions for the next book?

le vesinet

In the meantime, March rolled around without me even being aware of it.  I totally missed the voting for the BAMCAL filler square and even checking in to see what the squares were.  So I’m off to a late start with those.  I’ve finished the first, Le Vesinet (free pattern here; my project page here), which is a gorgeous square.  And I’m mostly finished with the others, sans a hundred ends to weave in.   I’ve also messed around some more with my mixed stitch stripey blanket, though it’s been just a row here on and off again:

crochet stripes

I am incredibly wistful as I see the photos of spring popping up everywhere on my friends’ feeds!  We had another snowstorm over the weekend, and it’s an unpleasant -5* outside right now.  I told my kids the story of March going in like a lion and out like a lamb, and they seemed pleased that by the month’s end they might be able to finally get outside and play again.  But I have to admit it still feels like it’s an eternity away.  This winter has been exceptionally cold and miserable, taking away all the fun of playing out in the snow.  Wind chills have just been too much for us; it actually hurts to breathe sometimes in the icy gusts.


To cope, I have a kitchen full of hot soups and stews going every day though, and warm yarn on my hook, draping over me and keeping me warm.  It’s hard to wait out these last few weeks before a joyous spring arrives, but I’m trying to be patient.  It’s the long days like this that makes me especially grateful for crochet work to keep me busy!

Where are you, Spring?  We are so ready for you!

~Mellie ★

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  1. Ashley Kay says:

    Where can I find the mixed stitch stripey blanket pattern you are using? Thanks!

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