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WIP: Crochet Hexagons

I’m a planner.  Even though it’s only February, I have my Christmas list ready for next December already.  Well, in a way I kind of have to, because my goals are pretty ambitious this year!  I’m planning on making everyone in my immediate family and my closest friends an afghan for Christmas.  And in order to achieve that without going crazy in the month of November is to start now.

WIP Crochet Hexagons

I’m fortunate in a way that my family doesn’t spend much time on the computer, because that means they rarely check in with my blog.  That leaves me open to blabbing online about their Christmas gifts as much as I want!  So for the first WIP (work in progress) that I thought I’d share with you is this hexagon afghan I’m working on.

In making the decisions for what colors people’s holiday afghans are going to be, I’ve had to stretch outside what I would consider to be my normal range of color choices and go for what other people like.  The recipient for this afghan is my bff and her favorite colors are nothing that I would have put together myself, but after working with them and seeing them together, I’ve ended up really liking the combination.

WIP Crochet Hexagons

The crochet hexagons pattern, too, is something I never would have chosen on my own.  I’ve already joined in so many crochet-alongs and swaps on Ravelry that I didn’t want to join in yet another, but as one group started a similar crochet hexagons swap (with a deadline in late spring), I decided I would “unofficially” join and just give myself to December.

Crochet Hexagons

I plan on making a different set of hexagons each month and then put them all together by the end of the year.  The first pattern that I made is just an absolutely stunning one – I fell in love with the pattern instantly.  It’s called “Painted Daisy Hexagon”.  I changed it up just a little so that my puff stitches were a little flatter than the pattern calls for, but I simply love the outline with the backstitch showing through and the corners emphasized.

The pattern is free and can be found here, as a free Ravelry download.  My project page for this afghan is on Ravelry is here.    My enthusiasm for the project is through the roof.  I’ll be updating through the year to show you my progress on it.

~ Mellie ★


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  1. Beautiful, Mellie! Great colors!

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