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A Bright and Colorful Weekend


We may not have had any sun this weekend, and now Monday is here, with its gray skies and rain.  But spring is right around the corner and the past few days around here have been full of color!  From planning new yarn projects to the art of little ones and with a whole lot of inspiration, we washed away the dark skies with a brightness of our own.

I’ve actually come to really embrace rainy days.  It’s such a cozy feeling when you’re snuggled up with blankets and projects, with little children running around laughing; with the warm glow of lit lamps contrasting with the cold, dark, rainy skies.  I love looking out the window to watch the rain fall and count my blessings that we have a warm, safe place to stay protected from the elements while enjoying the beauty that it brings.

Bright and Colorful - creative projects

Bright and colorful - children's art

Bright and colorful - art station

And of course, no rainy weekend would be complete without a trip to the yarn store!  No purchases were made, but ideas were planned, inspiration was summoned, and colors are dancing through my head.  If only my projects could be completed as quickly as I can imagine them!  Well, I have enough to keep me busy at least through the end of the year…

Bright and colorful - yarn

Bright and colorful - crochet

Bright and colorful - Kumasi

I hope your week ahead is just as bright!

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