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Spring Washcloths


Crochet Flower Spring Washcloth

Okay, so facecloths.  This is another area in which I am failing badly in my crochet work. Washcloths take only a few hours to do – great projects for those who like that instant gratification.  So what do I have?  A stack of old, ratty terry cloth washcloths.  Oh the irony.

If only I was inspired enough to make up a huge set of these for myself, I think I’d dump every one of these old ones that I have.  But maybe that’s a good plan for the upcoming year – one or two a month.  Cotton is so lovely and soft to wash with, and gentle enough for face cleaning.  Plus cleanup is a snap, just throw it in the wash.

So here is a nice start to a new set of lovely facecloths.  These Flowers Dishcloths are perfect for spring, and a lovely way to add a little bit of that spa touch to my otherwise dour bath linens.  And while the pattern looks difficult, it actually wasn’t too hard at all.  You can find the free pattern here (registration required), and my Ravelry page here.

Crochet Flower Spring Washcloth



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  1. Hi!

    I love these, so dainty!
    I posted them to my crochet facebook page :

    Julie ACCROchet

    1. mellie says:

      Thanks Julie! :)

  2. Rosemary Copeland says:

    Hello Mellie,

    I tried to get your flowers washcloth pattern but it would not download, something about it was no longer available. When I tried to download it , it went to yarnspirations. Could u possibly email it again? Thanks!


    1. The pattern is on the yarnspirations page! Once you go there, look toward the lower right under where it says “free pattern”. There is an orange button that says “download” next to a purple button that lets you buy the kit. If you just download the pattern, it will open as a free pdf! HTH :)

  3. Kristina says:

    Do you have any video tutorials on this pattern?

  4. Helen says:

    Hi Mellie!
    Trying to find pattern but looks like it was discontinued or something as I cannot find the pattern. Could you help me – these are so pretty – wanted to try & make them. Also love your “easy crochet dishcloth” pattern – am surely trying this one too. Many thanks!

    1. Hi! Try this link here. You may need to make a free account, but you should be able to download the pattern. And thank you for all your kind words!

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