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Angry Birds Crochet Hat


There are always just… things in life.  Complications, scary stuff, situations that arise that you just have to deal with and get through.  This week has been one of those weeks.  My son is scheduled to go under a medical procedure today that has had me filled with anxiety.  I’m confident that he’ll be fine and he’ll be in the care of some excellent professionals with whom I am completely comfortable with… but when it’s your child, and there’s always that slightest risk… well, it’s enough to make even the calmest mamas (which I am not to begin with) a little uneasy.

So to deal with my worry the best I could, I decided it would be best if I kept my hands and mind busy with crochet.  The repetition, the counting, the creating – it’s good for the soul and relaxes the mind.  Of course, I may have had a nice big glass of wine last night to help me along with that.  But nonetheless, my hook and I held the anxiety at bay at least for a little while.  And in return, I finished this awesome Angry Birds crochet hat for the son of a friend of mine.


Angry Birds Crochet Hat

The free pattern is here.  I made a few alterations in process, first to gauge the right size and second to modify the beak part a little.  But it was an easy pattern that took only a few hours to finish, and looks great.

I have a basket packed full with directions and yarn ready to go with me to my son’s appointment today, which will make the long hours in the waiting room hopefully go by a little bit quicker.  And if you have a moment, keep my son in your thoughts and prayers today, as my I entrust my little one to the hands of others.

Thank you!

~ Mellie ★

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  1. Praying for your little one!

  2. Hope all goes smooth & well!

  3. great hat :) Thinking of you guys

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