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Crochet Stripe Blanket


Crochet Stripe Blanket

The last thing I need is another crochet project to take on.  I have so many in the works, it’s almost hard enough for me to keep track of!  But who can pass up a great crochet stripe blanket?   When I saw that there were not one, but two groups dedicated to crocheting this gorgeous Mixed Stitch Stripey Blanket, I knew I had to join in.  It’s just too beautiful to pass up.

The pattern is a collection of different stitches put together in blanket form, so it doesn’t get boring either, the way that some larger projects do after you’ve worked on them for a while.  I literally just started this two days ago, and already it’s almost a foot wide.

  Crochet Stripe Blanket

Like so many of my crochet projects, I’m modifying this a bit.  I love the look of it, but I’m a little picky when it comes to straight edges in my crochet work.  This doesn’t feature much turning at the end of the row, so I’m modifying mine so that it does (in my experience, things pull heavily to the left when worked front side only without turning).  Besides, there’s a lot of room for expression, a couple of turns shouldn’t hurt.

Crochet Stripe Blanket

I’m making very detailed notes of my modifications over on my Ravelry project page, so if you’re interested in checking it out, you can find all the information here.  The yarn is Vanna’s Colors in the following colors:  antique rose, sapphire, beige, honey, Kelly green, pea green (my favorite!), dusty purple, and a tweedy brown.  I like the way the colors work together, it feels like a cheerful combination.

If you’re interested in joining in either of the crochet-alongs, by all means do so!  Both have started just recently.  The first, in the Vanna’s Choice group is found here, and the other in the I Love Crochet Afghans group.  The free pattern, Mixed Stitch Stripey Blanket is found at this link.

This one seems to be going quickly; stay tuned!

~ Mellie

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  1. Thanks for putting this out there! Had my eye out for a stashbuster for a long time. This is the project. And who doesn’t love a good CAL?

    1. For sure! I’m such a sucker for them :)

  2. Great picture taking perspective, Mellie! I really like your blanket and the colours you have chosen. I’m really curious about your project page on Ravelry as I’m also working on the mixed stripy blanket and I would love to learn how to ge my edges straight. And I love your website, so structured and pretty!

    1. Thanks so much :) I’m trying to keep my project page updated. I can be pretty meticulous, counting stitches and turning rows. I don’t usually turn and make a ch-2 space, I tend to always make a turn, chain 1, and then make a stitch in that same space. The edges just seem a little “fuller” to me and it’s easier to see if there’s a particular area that starts to look like it’s bulging or narrowing in a little. That may be bad crochet form, but it works for me :)

  3. I went ahead and finished my stripey sampler at 4 x almost 6 feet in size. The edges were wonky so I blocked it – didn’t fix the problem. I think the stitches at about row 12 to 24 narrowed it, then it flared out slowly again. What to do? I’m going to edge mine with fabric. I’m using felt fabric to even it out, then will cover the felt with a coordinating light blue linen fabric.

    1. Hi! I think, depending on how severe the crookedness is, you might be able to even it out with a border. If it’s really crooked, you’ll need to add a few rounds; if it’s not so noticeable, you can probably do one or two. I would start by making a hdc border all the way around in color A. In the areas where it narrows in, make dc instead of hdc, and in areas where it’s too wide, make sc instead of hdc. After you’ve made the first round, you can assess how it looks. If the border is still not straight, do another round of hdc in the same color, fixing the narrow and larger parts with dc and sc as needed. Then I would switch to a different color and do a finishing round once it’s all straightened out. I’ve “fixed” many of my uneven squares this way. You can put the backing on the entire blanket that way or you could put it just on the inside part and let the border stand alone. Let me know how it turns out :)

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