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Dreaming of Spring…

Spring is right around the corner now, isn’t it?  Even though the calendar might say so, around these parts, our winters can last well into April… or even May.  But there’s something about these midwinter days that are so full of promise – full of potential that it brings springtime to my heart, as corny as that may sound.

Anyway, I’ve been working on a couple of springtime projects.  The first of these is a cross-stitch that I started working on a while ago.  It’s called “Amish Spring Landscape”, and was picked up by a family member on a visit to Amish Country a decade or so ago (though it’s available at Amazon here).

Amish Spring Cross Stitch


It’s a big goal, but I’m hoping to use the seasons as deadlines for me to finish these up.  Seeing that I have only three weeks left until spring is here, I’d best get going on this one!  I’d love to stain the embroidery ring and hang them in a group on the wall by this time next year.  Perhaps above the spinning wheel…?

The other project I’ve been working on is for my never-ending, always-extending Groovyghan.  I kind of re-designed the original pattern with some squares from here and there that I think would fit well with it, so it’s a project that will likely take a year or two to finish.  But when I picked up 75 Floral …….. I fell in love with a couple of the patterns.  Specifically this one, called Tulip Square.

I just love the look of these.  I’m not the greatest knitter, but I can see why creating graph pictures with yarn can be so appealing.  The pattern is basic enough to give a great tulip without being overly complicated.

Crochet Tulip Flower Square

So I’ve been whiling away the winter days with yarn and thread, warm blankets and hot coffee, dreaming of the flowers and lush green grass that’s soon to come.  And hopefully by the time winter rolls around again, I’ll have some finished work to cheer my heart and warm my toes.

If you’re interested in either of the patterns, you can find them here on Amazon:

75 Floral Blocks     Amish Seasons

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