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For My Superhero: Spiderman Mask

Spiderman Crochet Mask

So any mother with more than one child knows: If one child gets a toy, the other needs a toy.  In this case, my younger son was very sure about what he wanted his mama to crochet for him.  And he was very specific:

It had to go AROUND his head.

It had to have WHITE eyes – none of this “being able to see” stuff

It had to go down to his neck.

Spiderman Crochet Mask

I couldn’t find any sort of pattern that matched what he wanted, though.  I thought about doing some sort of ski-mask/toddler hat combo, but I couldn’t find anything there that was what I had in mind either.  So I ended up winging it, for the most part.  I used this pattern here as a starting point, making the basic hat.  Then I just sort of guesstimated the eyes (I made the center flap between the eyes first, whipstitched it on, and then crocheted around back and forth until they met up at the bottom.  Then I continued down to the neck, with my son all too happy to try it on and check for fit in between each and every row!

Spiderman Crochet Mask

Spiderman Crochet Mask

The eyes are flaps.  That way, he gets his white eyes, while this mama gets the peace of mind of knowing that at least he’ll be able to watch where he’s walking.  It was a good compromise, and one that is turning out to be working very well.   The webbing, I admit, is not spectacular.  It was sort of a race before bedtime, knowing that he was not going to be going to sleep unless he was clutching that mask in his little hands, and so I just stitched it on as quickly as possible.  Fortunately, it was very well received.

My Ravelry notes are here.



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  1. Wow, that looks fab. He must be so pleased.

    1. Thank you! Yes, he loves it :)

  2. KristyAnn says:

    How do you crochet the holes? Im having issues with it

    1. Hi KristyAnn,

      For the holes, you don’t go around the entire mask. Instead, do back-and-forth short rows. For example, I would end a row where the first eye starts, turn it around, and then work back the row I just came from all the way around to the other eye. So you’d have the back of the mask completed all the way to where each of the outer eyes started. Then I separately crocheted the nose part and sewed it on. After that, make a sc border around the inner parts of the eye so that there’s a nice finished edge around it. Then move on to the next part of the mask by continuing to make rounds as normal before you got to the eye part.

      Let me know if this helps!

  3. This is awesome. I want to make a Spider-Man sleep mask and am having issues with the eye shape. Do you mind sharing what you did for those?

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