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Rayman Game Toy


It all started with an innocent visit to grandmother’s house, where my children got a peek at her new tablet and some of the things that she had downloaded.  It ended with a download of our own, and two little boys anxious to play their first “real” video game.

I guess in a way I should be grateful that they picked something relatively simple.  I try not to encourage the video game playing (though with my own addiction to Candy Crush, I’m probably not the best example!).  Rayman, however, is light and fun, and oh how my children love it.


And inevitably, there came a day when my son asked me for a Rayman toy.  I was certain there was, isn’t everything marketed to death these days?   But lo and behold, no Rayman toy.  So I went to my next line of defense and looked around Ravelry.  That’s right – there is no actual Rayman toy that I could find, but there was indeed a crochet pattern for it.  I downloaded it that evening, and had a little boy bouncing around me for the next three days while I finished it.

There’s no way I could translate into words the happiness on my little boy’s face once he got this guy.  But I can recall just a few of the many anticipatory statements he made while throughout the process:

“This is going to be my favorite toy!”
“I’m so happy that I have water in my eyes!”
“I’m going to cuddle with it every night!”

“Mama, I’m SO happy!”



My gosh, who wouldn’t drop everything else to work on this?

I modified the pattern somewhat to make it more functional for a young child (crocheting the arms, legs and neck instead of using piping).  And that was a good move, considering the way he’s already been dragged around the house.  All my Ravelry notes are here, if you’re interested.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the moment of Mommy Gratitude from my children while it lasts!

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  1. Federico says:

    Hey! I’ve landed in your post researching for Rayman toys too! My little daughter is crazy about Rayman and I’m of course not able to find anything. Congratulations!!

    1. Thank you! I ended up making a couple of more too, I’ll have to post pictures. My other son is really into Globox, and I can’t find any kind of pattern for it anywhere.

  2. Christine says:

    Hello. I’m working on this Rayman pattern and am a little stuck. I’m at Row 16 of the head: 27 sc, ch 1, turn. For Rows 17-19 do you only sc in the 27 previous stitches or continue around in all 30? Do you ch 1 and turn for Rows 17-19? This lady’s pattern is a bit foggy. Thanks for any help.

    1. I had a hard time with the pattern too, to tell you the truth! But yes – you go from making rounds to making rows. In the end what you’ll be making is a flap that will go around the back of the head. So you have the top of the head which is like a normal amigurumi crochet object when you’re working in a spiral round. Then at that point, you start going back and forth. Once you assemble the big nose and mouth, you’ll use the flap to kind of keep it all together. Hope this helps! ~mellie

      1. Christine says:

        Thank you! I was driving myself crazy trying to figure it out. lol

  3. Hi
    How do i get the pattern

  4. Gresset daniele says:

    Je suis fan de votre rayman et je connais une petite fille qui l’adorerait
    Désolée mais je parle très mal anglais et je compte sur les traducteurs internet pour que vous puissiez me lire
    Auriez vous la gentillesse de m’envoyer le modèle même succinct surtout pour la bouche !
    Merci d’avance

    1. Salut Daniele, merci de vérifier sur mon blog! Je n’étais pas sûr de la traduction si vous cherchez le modèle à la figure de crochet ou un fini qui a déjà été fait? Il n’y a certainement pas assez de jouets Rayman dans le monde, beaucoup de gens ont fait écho à votre sentiment. Quoi qu’il en soit, si vous cherchez le patron, le lien est ci-dessous, c’est 7.50$. Si vous voulez me contacter pour me confier la commande, écrivez-moi à J’espère que vous pouvez lire ceci aussi parce que je compte aussi sur une traduction sur internet!

  5. Hi. Where do i find this pattern? Cant find it on the page you linked. I need this For my son who is such rayman fan! No toys to buy. Pleas help me:)

    1. Kayla Webb says:

      He’s on ravelry.I’m on my phone so I don’t have a way to link him but if you search for rayman there he should come up.I also think he shows up as a link if you google crochet rayman

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