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Little Changes

  Little Changes

There have been so many big changes around here lately; the little changes are more of a welcome change.  My latest decision here is that I’m really burnt out on making crochet squares. I’m still a part of the BAMCAL and the CSF crochet-alongs, and still have my mother’s purple afghan that needs some finished by Christmas, (and one other very special afghan that I’ve been working on – more on that in time!), but I think other than that, I may take a mini-hiatus from making squares. I can always go back and make the ones that I’ve missed in a few weeks or so, but the thought of searching out, making and piecing together yet another sampler afghan is just a little less than thrilling right now. Which is okay. I worked so hard on the swap squares in such a quick time period that I just need a break from it.

However, that still leaves me with plenty of other options to crochet.  There are so many great color ideas and upcoming swaps coming up in the VCFC group (so if you’re looking to join one, now’s your chance!); I almost want to say “forget it!” and jump into those. But I’m practicing restraint, because I know I just can’t commit right now. Instead I think I may just join in the ones that I really love as a CAL-er (one who crochets along with the group instead of swapping). I’ve decided that I’m going to focus on row work for a little while. Just like the Mixed Stitch Stripey Blanket, it’ll be a nice change of pace to make some long stripes instead of squares . There are plenty of patterns in my queue and my favorites with which this would work perfectly.

My almost-brother has recently proposed to his longtime girlfriend, and I was recently inspired by one of the color palettes in the VCFC brainstorming thread. So I put the two together and found a great pattern: Greenway.  My preferences usually tend toward more organic, rather than geometric, shapes; not so for the newly intended. They are thoroughly modern, and I think this clean color scheme with the Greenway pattern (pdf) work out perfectly. It’s been a lot of fun to start this. I love the way it all seems to blend perfectly. I have a great vision of this finished throw, with maybe a bamboo plant and some black or bamboo kitchenware making a beautifully coordinated wedding present. Yes?

Green2 greenway2

Also, I haven’t can’t give up on granny squares, either. I have another lovely vision of an old-fashioned, vintage-colored granny throw in my new place, that will work nicely with a new breakfast bench and table that I picked up. I’m rethinking my color placement, but nothing beats a good granny square, does it?

  granny square

Other than that, my kids have been asking me for some new blankets. My eldest has adopted the BAWL blanket as his own, but really wants a black and white one. My younger son has been asking for an orange afghan. So I’ve been busy narrowing down patterns on Ravelry. I think I’m going to go with a small ripple for the black and white, and this great Scrumptious Scraps one for the orange. That will be an interesting palette to pick out!  I already have an idea in the works.

Ahhh, it’s so fun to plan out crochet projects and get started on them. Slow and steady, I’ll finish all of them eventually!

~Mellie ★

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  1. Oh I can understand that! When you’re doing the same kind of crochet for a long time you need a change inbetween ;-). I like the start of your Greenway blanket, and it’s a nice color combination! Sunny greetings, Nata

    1. Thank you so much! And as soon as I said I was done with squares, I started on them again. Sheesh :)

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