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Vintage Crochet

  Vintage Crochet

There’s nothing more wonderful, I think, than finding a little piece of family history that you didn’t know existed. My mother brought over these vintage crochet pieces that she remembered from my great-grandmother’s house in the 1950s and asked if I’d like them. I told her there was probably no other person in our family who would appreciate them as much as I!   How I wish I could sit down with a coffee and crochet a bit with my great-grandmother! I bet there would be a lot that I could learn from her.

Vintage Crochet

  Vintage Crochet

The craftsmanship on these crochet pieces (which were used on the backs and arms of sofas and chairs) are amazing. It was created with cotton and a very tiny hook, I would guess somewhere in the 00 range. But besides a little yellowing and a couple of small holes, it’s held up remarkably well over the passage of time! I love filet work to begin with, and these are just so well constructed.

  Vintage Crochet

Now I have crocheted heirlooms from both of the great-grandmothers that were present in my childhood. What wonderful treasures.

~Mellie ★

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  1. Mandy K. says:

    These are very lovely. What a nice heirloom to have. My great-aunts crocheted and knitted, but when they passed all the textiles got lost in the shuffle. Hang on these and keep them safe :)

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