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Painted Easter Egg Rocks – A Kids Craft


A couple of days ago, while out on a nature walk in the spring snow, we came across a riverbank.  My little ones can never pass by a river plush with a rocky bed without stopping to throw a few stones in.  So as they got on their joyful tossing, I settled down to watch and let my mind wander.


Painted Easter Egg Rocks - A Kids Craft

As I absentmindedly played with the rocks I was sitting by, I thought about the things that I still wanted to get done before our family get-together on Easter, including doing the Easter eggs.  Last year, my children had been sorely disappointed when, after dying the eggs as usual, the eggs had to be taken back into the refrigerator.  This was unacceptable!  My little ones wanted to play with them, to cuddle them at bedtime, and to generally enjoy the fruit of their labors.  Of course, the last thing I wanted was a spoiled and smushed hard-boiled egg dripping dye all over our home.

Painted Easter Egg Rocks

This year, it came upon me that we might make something a little more permanent; a little more suited to the adventures of little ones.  And maybe… the answer was right beneath my feet.  I combed through the rocks around me, choosing a handful of suitable ones that were more or less shaped a little egg-y.  We took them home, I cleaned them up and then we got to work, making painted Easter egg rocks:

Painted Easter Egg Rocks - A Kids Craft

Painted Easter Egg Rocks - A Kids Craft

Painted Easter Egg Rocks - A Kids Craft

The results may not be too Easter-y, but they are proud creations and accomplished their purpose.  My children loved painting them.  They are thrilled with their work and  beautifully display them.  And this time, I didn’t mind a bit when the “eggs” were trotted out to be sold at a newly-created grocery store, or to be “hatched” out of, or tucked into bed with them.  They will be a reminder for us in the future, too, of these fleeting early years.

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