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Kelsey Crochet Kitchen Towels

The towels were completely unexpected.  I joined Melinda Miller’s Ravelry group just a few weeks earlier, right at the same time she was organizing a new crochet-along (really, I do way too many of these).  But of course I couldn’t say no.  New patterns!  Crochet fun!  There were two patterns, and one instantly caught my eye, called the Kelsey Dishcloth.  (My Ravelry notes are here.)


Crochet Kitchen Towels

The Kelsey pattern was originally intended to be a dishcloth, but at the very moment that I was checking it out, trying to figure out how the color scheme would go, my littlest one came bounding into the kitchen to wash his hands after eating an apple (my kids love apples).  After getting water all over the floor and countertop, he went over to the “drying hands” towel and promptly dropped it on the floor when he was done.  It was a silly scene, and as I called him back over to pick it back up, I envisioned having a pretty crochet kitchen towel hanging there instead of these old raggedy towels that I use now.  (I’ll have to tell you about my towel stack sometime.  They’re ugly, but they are so incredibly functional.)

Crochet Kitchen Towels

Crochet Kitchen Towels 5

Anyway, this dishcloth pattern is geometrically set up so that adding an extra set of rows or two would be quite easy and that’s when I decided it would suit us just fine to turn them into some hand towels.  And so they are.  Wonderful hand towels!  I just love them.  I volleyed back and forth the idea of adding a button or two to wrap them around my oven handle, but then decided against it.  They’re great as is.

Crochet Kitchen Towels

Crochet Kitchen Towels

Between these crochet kitchen towels and the potholders that I made the other week (and something else I’ve got in the works… stay tuned!), I have myself a little bit of a kitchen set going on!  I do love it.  I just have to make certain that I don’t think my new lovelies are too pretty to use – after all, they were made to be functional. I’ve decided, in order to prevent that, that I’ll make a big pot of stew with warm crusty bread for dinner tonight (yes, while the rest of the world seems to be enjoying spring, we still have our cold rain and snow going on here).  My goal for this pot of stew – besides eating it, of course! – is to use these  kitchen things that I’ve made.  Without abandon.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

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  1. Mary Anne says:

    Mellie, your new towels are gorgeous! I love the colourful edgings and how they blend so nicely with your new potholders too.

    1. mellie says:

      Thank you! :)

  2. cindy smith says:

    I went to the rivalry page because I loved this pattern but I can’t see where I can download this? Any help is appreciated. These are so pretty :)

    1. Hi Cindy! Are you a member of Ravelry? If you haven’t registered for a free account, I’m not sure if you can access the pattern. If you’ve already registered, then follow this link here: . It should take you directly to the pattern page. Once you’re there, look on the right hand side of the page, right above the tab that says “About this pattern”. It should say “download now” and “store in library”. Once you press the download now, a pdf should open for you. Let me know if this works or if you still need help!

      1. cindy smith says:

        oh my it was right in front of my nose lol. I was looking on the left. Thanks so much for your help. Your design is beautiful :)

  3. Carol kirby says:

    I love the border you added to the Kelsey dish cloths. Can you give me instructions for the border?

    1. Sure. The first row is of dc. The second row is [dc, ch1, sk1] across (ending with a dc). The third row is another row of dc, and the final edge in white is a row of sc. Hope that helps!

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