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Spring Fever


That would be literal spring fever as my first day of spring found make waking up with what must be a touch of the flu.  Nonetheless, my children were not about to let something so silly as their mother being sick stop them from enjoying this (ice cold, gray, very un-springlike) day.  And after resting up through the morning, I gathered up enough energy to take them out for a very brief appreciate nature walk to welcome spring.

Spring Fever -  Forest Floor

Spring Fever - buds in bloom

And as you can see, our quick walk showed that despite all the bitter cold seemingly endless winter, that there are indeed signs of life.  Spring is just around the corner!  We had another little guy hop on over to us in what I’ll take to be agreement, too:

Spring Fever - Bird

After we arrived home and warmed ourselves with hot coffee (me) and hot chocolate (the little ones), I celebrated the coming of spring in my favorite way:

Spring Fever -  Crochet Tulip Square

These are the finished squares for my Groovyghan, which is slowly coming along.  It was fun to work with intarsia, which is a crochet technique that I haven’t yet mastered.  I love the way it resembles knit but still retains that crocheted feel to it.  It’ll be a great addition to an already monumental work in progress!

The pattern is from 75 Floral Blocks to Crochet, and my Ravelry notes are here.


As I write this, the temperature is a blistering 1-degree F.  (Yes, that’s a “1”, as in single digit.)  There’s a light layer of snow on the ground and more forecasted for the upcoming days.  But you know what?  I say: let it snow! … that spring-like weather must be right around the corner anyway, right?

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