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Red Heart’s New Crochet-Along

Isn’t it fun crocheting with a group?  I don’t have many folks around me that crochet, and that’s why I love joining crochet-alongs on the internet.  I love being inspired by other people’s work, and I think that pushes me to become a more creative crocheter.

I was recently alerted to the newest Red Heart Crochet-Along, which is for a textured afghan made up of 20 different squares.  Called “Checkerboard Textures Throw”, I figured that with all that texture, it might be a good idea to focus on a single color.  Now when I make afghans, I try to make them with a recipient in mind.  I don’t need to have twenty afghans in my closet!  And since I try to focus on handmade items for the holidays, I’ll usually go through my Christmas gift list (yes, even in January) to match the right afghan to the right person.

Red Heart Crochet Along

This one will be a gift for my brother for Christmas.  I’ve written about crochet gifts for men before, and it’s not as easy to whip them up a blanket (at least in my brother’s case) because it’s either too colorful or there’s a floral motif or whatever.  But I think this makes a great gift for a guy.  And since his color preferences lie along a very narrow line (green or black, that’s all), I decided that I’d do the afghan in green (the thought of working all those stitches in black makes my eyes cross just thinking about it!).  I’m considering possibly lining the back of the afghan in black when it’s finished, but we’ll see.

Red Heart Crochet Along

Anyway, I’m excited to join in yet another crochet-along.  This one seems to be perfect for all different skill levels, so it’s going to be a lot of fun to see the variety among those who join in.  Here is the first square that I’ve made up.  I’m sticking with Red Heart Super Saver (because my brother will throw it in the washer on hot no matter what the care instructions say!) and the color is Tea Leaf.  I think it looks a little brighter on the monitor when it’s actually more of a sage-y color, but perfectly appropriate for a  picky guy nonetheless.

If you want to check out the crochet-along, the link is here, along with complete instructions.  The link to this week’s pattern is here.  Join in and crochet-along with me!

~ Mellie ★

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  1. I too am doing the Red Heart CAL. I really enjoyed doing the first square. I had ordered some Red Heart Soft in an orange color, but it has yet to arrive – I believe the weather is slowing it down!!! So, while at WalMart, I picked up some Red Heart with Love in a Peacock shade. It is such a pretty teal color.

    I enjoy the CALs because like you, there aren’t really any people locally to stitch with. I am looking forward to finishing this one. It may even be a gift for me – or hubby.

    1. I liked it too! I didn’t think I’d be so into this CAL, but I really am :) I know the Peacock color you’re talking about – it’s beautiful! I bet your afghan will turn out to be gorgeous! Definitely keep sharing here :)

  2. Thanks for posting the info on the CAL. I just joined in, and started it this afternoon! I’ve already got a recipient in mind if it turns out well! I love reading your blog!

    1. Thanks Meegan! Definitely share your progress :)

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