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Saturday Works in Progress: BAWL (Block-a-Week-Long)


Over at the Vanna’s Choice Fan Club on Ravelry, there’s been a year long crochet-along called BAWL, o Block-a-Week-Long.  Every week for the past year, there’s been a new block to crochet as a group, and it’s now finally coming to a close.

I’ll admit I lost a few months in the process and have only about a half-years’ worth of work done, but it’s more than enough to put together a beautiful afghan.  And now that the final weeks are coming to a head, it’s time for the long process of piecing it all together, sewing it up, and crocheting on a border.

In a way, I’m relieved.  It was a really fun experience to be sure, but I have just so many projects going on, it’s hard to keep going with a new block almost every time I turned around.  But it was really great to try out so many of these squares that I never would have tried otherwise.  On  some of the crochet-alongs that I’m in (specifically the Block-a-Month one), I put in a lot of extra effort, jazzing the squares up, on others like this, I let myself just make a simple square.    And sometimes, that’s just what I needed, a project started and completed within a few hours.

For links to patterns, visit my BAWL project page here.  To find each individual pattern, click on the picture.  Then on the project page, there is a link to each where it says “pattern”.  All of these square patterns are free!  To visit the BAWL group, click here.

Now I’ve got a bit of sewing to get on with.   Have a great weekend!


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