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Thanksgiving Crochet Blanket

Thanksgiving Crochet

This is a project that has been in the works for over four years.  When my youngest was just a little baby, I found this adorable pattern and thought it would be a great addition to my Thanksgiving décor.  I started it just a month prior, and obviously didn’t get too far before Thanksgiving came.  That’s all right, I decided.  I’d put it away and bring it out next fall to finish.  Next fall came, and I brought it out again and started to work on it.  The year had improved my crochet skills, and there were quite a few areas that looked a little beginner-ish to me, but I had no desire to start from scratch so I fixed what I could and continued along.  But it was a busy year and although I finished the turkey squares, I was still far from done.  I put it away again for the next year.

Thanksgiving Crochet

Thanksgiving Crochet

The next year was last Thanksgiving, and I worked on it quite a bit earlier this time.  I made some minor adjustments … and then I changed the entire pattern.  The original pattern, called Turkey Talk Afghan, can be found on the Red Heart website.  It calls for quite a few rows of variegated yarn.  And while it looks pretty, I prefer the more traditional checkered pattern of granny squares.  So I searched the Ravelry database for a simple-ish square that wouldn’t be overwhelmed by using a variegated yarn and found this Big June Square pattern (at the bottom of the link under 12” squares).  And I made enough corresponding variegated squares to compliment the turkeys.  By this time, Thanksgiving was well over and I needed to get started on my Christmas projects, so I put it away for one more year.

Thanksgiving Crochet

Thanksgiving Crochet

But this year, my Thanksgiving Crochet Blanket will finally make its completed appearance.  With a few weeks left to go, I did a once over of the squares that I started so many years ago, and whipstitched them all together.  Then I added a simple border and called my four-years-in-progress Thanksgiving Crochet Afghan finished.  Hooray!  For more details about this, you can check out my project page on Ravelry or you can view it in my crochet gallery.

And I certainly plan to put this afghan away at the end of Thanksgiving this year, too.  But next year when I take it out, there will be no more work to do on it, except to use it to celebrate the holiday.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Your version far surpasses the original, Mellie. Lovely job! Way to stick with it and get it finished. :) You are an inspriation. (You give me hope that I’ll pull out my adobe blocks and get that baby finished. Maybe even this winter!)

    1. Thank you! Yes, I hear you on those unfinished works! It takes me years apparently to get the job done :)

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