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The First Stirrings


Finally!  Spring is indeed starting to show itself around here!  The past couple of days have been one of open windows, running outdoors and searching for signs of life, those first stirrings.  Those who live in colder climates like me can probably relate with my elation when I was hit with a gust of wind in my face that didn’t feel like a blast coming out of a freezer door.  It’s worth celebrating!


The First Stirrings - hyacinths

The First Stirrings - Daffodil

We packed up a few essentials for some al fresco fun and headed outdoors in between rain showers.  The flowers aren’t quite ready to join our fun, as most of the flowers we encountered were those that had been landscaped in, but flowers are flowers, and always a joy to see.

The First Stirrings - dandelion

The First Stirrings - lesser celandines

The First Stirrings - children running

Even the weeds were a welcome sight, and my children blew away at dandelion seeds and called the lesser celandines “buttercups”.  They ran and jumped and did everything that little children are supposed to do outdoors – look for bugs, ran in the grass, watched the clouds.  As for me, I brought along a little bit of fiberwork for myself – yes, knitting.

The First Stirrings - knitting outdoors

My knitting skills are far inferior to my crochet work.  I’m just mastering the basic stitches of knitting and purling!  But there’s only one way to get better, and that’s practice.  I do love the look and drape of knit, but crochet will always be my true love, I believe.

The forecast for today is much cooler with rain, so it’s likely we’ll be indoors again.  But the respite we got was very much worth it, and just a sign, the first stirrings, of things to come.



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