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Vintage Crochet Afghan

One of my favorite crochet projects that I’ve ever made is my vintage crochet afghan.  And its entire creation happened because of the Pea Green color in Vanna’s Choice yarn.  Allow me tell you the story.


Vintage Crochet Afghan

When I first started crocheting, I was unfamiliar with pretty much all yarn except for Red Heart and the Lily cottons.  These are what you see at WalMart and they’re very inexpensive, so of course that was my go-to when I started out.  My first few afghans had been done in Red Heart and I was thrilled with it – I had gone through mistake after mistake (and therefore skein after skein of yarn) in making them, and “no dye lot” were the happiest words I could imagine.

Around that  same time, I began raiding my mother-in-law’s library of crochet patterns and books, and was currently infatuated with the gorgeous afghans in A Crocheter’s Garden of Afghans.  One in particular struck me, designed by Anne Halliday, called “Vintage Collectable”.  I fell in love with it immediately, and I fell in love with the whole color scheme used.  Rather than the brighter Red Heart colors, the afghan looked to me a little muted – like it had been stored in grandmother’s attic and had yellowed a little in the sun.  It looked truly vintage, especially with the yellowy-green, avocado color that I will always associate with my own grandmother’s kitchen.

Vintage Crochet Afghan

Vintage Crochet Afghan

Coincidentally, it was right around that time that I started to move beyond Wal-Mart for my yarn buying.  I think I had meandered into a Joann’s and was wandering up and down the aisles when I came upon Vanna’s Choice Pea Green.  The Vintage Collectable Afghan immediately came to mind.  It was a perfect fit – and the other colors in her line seemed to coordinate perfectly to give that olden feel that I was looking for.  (No worries, I’m not getting paid to say any of this!  Just my own preferences here.)  I went home that night, a bag full of yarn in hand, to start working on it.

Vanna's Choice Yarn in Pea Green

Vintage Crochet Afghan

Vintage Crochet Afghan

I was completely undaunted by all the popcorn stitches, something that had I known more about crochet, would likely have scared me away in retrospect.  But one of the great things about crochet patterns is that there’s no risk: there’s what you do and here’s how you do it.  I was comforted knowing that if I followed the pattern exactly, I would get exactly the same result.  I’m fortunate that this pattern was so well written that it was completely the case.

Vintage Crochet Afghan

Here’s my Ravelry project page, and if you’re interested in checking the pattern out, the picture of the book below will take you to the Amazon page.

A Crocheter's Garden of Afghans
Click picture to find on Amazon

It took many months and many, many mistakes, but the finished piece is just gorgeous.  I use it all the time too, for snuggling up on winter days, to warming up cold little hands and feet fresh in from playing in the snow, to decorative uses in my home.  I love it.  Who knows, I may just make another one day!

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  1. I just found you. Your afghan is lovely and what a great accomplishment. I have been playing with yarn since I was about 12 years old, now I am 62, so I have been around the block, so to speak. I can see why this particular blanket was the one you wanted to make. Thank you for the head’s up on the source, and I enjoyed reading your story behind it all.
    Have a great week,
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

    1. mellie says:

      Thanks, Susanne! And I’m glad you like it :)

  2. love crochet

  3. simone barberis says:

    Hi there Mellie, I have purchased this book Garden of Afghans because of your colors and want to replicate it with the exact Vanna colors you used and the amounts… I live in Australia so I rreally want to get the order right…would you mind sharing the colors with me please????? I just love what you have done
    Kind regards and hope to hear back from you soon as Lion have some on special

    1. mellie says:

      Hi Simone, and thanks for all your kind words.

      Yes, I’m happy to list the colors I Used. Be sure to order ASAP because I used a lot of Pea Green, and they’ve discontinued it. I’m sure there are still a bunch available, but I don’t know how easy they’ll be to get ahold of once they run out. Anyway, here are the colors I used:

      – beige (as the main color)
      – brick
      – olive green
      – dusty purple
      – rust
      – sapphire
      – raspberry (being discontinued, but magenta is very similar)
      – pea green (also being discontinued)

      And then in only like one or two of the hexagons, I used espresso (also being discontinued) and kelly green, along with one small circle in colonial blue.
      Actually, I just checked the website, and it looks like they’re having a sale on the pea green and espresso, for a VERY reasonable price… I may just stock up a little too. Pea Green was one of my favorite colors!

      The only problem is that I don’t have the exact amounts that I used. Since I lived so close to a yarn store at the time that I made this, I would just pick up one or two skeins at a time as I needed them and I didn’t keep track of how many. Maybe try looking at the colors listed in the book and then dividing that by the amount of colors below?

      Anyway, I hope this helps, and definitely send a picture of your progress! And I’m so glad that you like my afghan :)

      1. simone says:

        You are a darling, thanks for sharing your colors…I am going to order 11 beige and one of every other color (3 pack of Pea Green and Espresso) I divided your pattern in to weights and hope I have enough xoxo

        1. mellie says:

          Good luck! :)

        2. simone says:

          Unfortunately Mellie when i went to place my order through Lion, my order of $112.00 incurred a postage cost of over $50.00 which made it totally to expensive !!! I am so totally devastated as I really had my heart set on buying these gorgeous colors to replicate the Afghan that you made and inspired me to buy the book…Oh dear, dear, dear I cannot believe that the postage for 21 x 100g balls would be that ridiculously expensive…over half the cost of my order…but many thanks for your correspondence Mellie…I will follow your work on FB
          Kindest regards
          Simone xoxoxo

          1. mellie says:

            Wow, that’s terrible news! I’ll check with my group online and see if they have any suggestions for getting Vanna yarn in Australia without paying a ridiculous amount in shipping.

          2. simone says:

            Oh Mellie that would be absolutely awesome…just a quick profile of how I have got to meeting you online…and how I got in to crochet just this year… my partner of 15 years has stage four terminal cancer…he has two tumors on his brain which he had radiation on…he lost all his hair and we couldn’t find a Beanie/hat that wasn’t acrylic so I tried making one for him out of embroidery cotton left over from projects passed…he loved it even though everyone calls it a tea cosy :-) I am pretty much house bound as a full time carer for my now Husband, we finally got married on May 4th, I find that Crocheting now is a form of “time out” and fills in the many hours taken up in hospitals and at Chemo and Oncologists…

          3. mellie says:

            Simone, I have a couple of emails out to people and hopefully will have some information for you in the next day or so! How wonderful you are for taking care of your husband. My family nursed my grandmother through cancer to her death (she refused treatment), and I know how incredibly difficult it was for us on so many levels… I give you lots of props, and I hope he’s on the road to recovery soon!

          4. simone says:

            Mellie please do not go to any trouble. I just love your work and I will try, but I doubt to find a cheaper alternative… many thanks for your replies
            Regards and admiration
            Simone xoxooox

          5. mellie says:

            oh no, it’s no trouble at all, just a couple of messages sent out. So far, I’ve found a company in Queensland called “Yarn Over”, here is their website – try contacting them. And I’ll keep looking, too!

  4. LOVE THIS! How do you find the time to knit AND homeschool? :)

    1. Thank you! It’s not easy, I don’t sleep much. I try to do mindless projects while homeschooling and then at the end of the night I usually work on the projects that are more complicated. W

  5. It is stunning, and yes I will check out that book. You did a fabulous job!! You should be very proud of your work! Sandy

    1. Thank you so much :)

  6. I went to Ravelry, but could not find the pattern? Is it on there? I wanna try this :)

    1. Hi Christine!

      The pattern is in the Ravelry database here: – but it’s not available online, it’s only available if you purchase the the book (or get it at your local library!). You can order the book on amazon if you want – I’ve linked to it in the post above.


  7. Sarah says:

    Hi Mellie, you have made this throw beautifully. It is simply gorgeous! I’ve been trying to purchase the book so that I can try this pattern – and copy you. Unfortunately the book is out of print and I can’t get it in Australia. Do you know of any other way to get the patter? Thank you

  8. Doris says:

    I really want the pattern!

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